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November 10, 2011


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Gabriel Cavalcante

Great post. Simple and direct, speaks right to my current moment. Thanks David.

carro ford

So true. I was thinking about this today, wondering how someone (me) who's a really good writer isn't instantly brilliant at blogging. It's part of the challenge of learning new things, even when you're well into your profession. When you want to pick up a new skill, you may bring some talent to the table, but you have to start at the beginning. It's both exciting and humbling, and I'm having a humble day.

Tim Washer

Thanks for introducing me to Nick and Nikki, David, and also for being a great coach for me. Your tips, suggestions and candid feedback have been a tremendous help.

Colin Warwick

Wow! That's so insightful. I'm going to make a short list of potential coaches this weekend... Thanks!

David Meerman Scott

Go for it Colin!


I have followed David Meerman Scott and his blog Webinknow for about a year. Last year I had the opportunity to introduce myself and say a quick hello after he had given a great speech here in Barcelona... His journey to achieving success has been remarkable.

What is it that makes David so good?

David is just like one of us and not afraid to admit it. He speaks to us, not at us. He has appeal factor.

My takeaway from this post is that he reminds us that even people like him need help in his continuous quest for improvement. Moreover,we all need help and encouragement from each other in order to achieve our goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Thanks for remaining humble David.

David Meerman Scott

@Contrariansmind -- thanks so much! I appreciate your comment very much. David

Brad Farris

If I need to learn a new skill, and that skill is going to contribute to my success, I always hire an expert to help me learn and progress faster. It just makes sense. I don't know - the coach does. Paying the coach is an easy investment in my success.

Don't think about it, just do it.


I agree we all need coaches David, thanks for the timely reminder.

I also find your posts about the specifics of becoming a better speaker very interesting and would love to learn more of your presentation secrets!!


David Meerman Scott

I agree totally, Brad.

Adam - here are a few speaking tips http://bit.ly/rx4Cj

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