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November 01, 2011


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Robert Rose

D - Spectacular example of storytelling - and creating the brand hero (or in this case heroine)...

They've so clearly drawn a clear, well rounded character - and by so doing can create a fulfilling story. And I love how their buyer persona avoids all semblance of a "demographic" and instead focuses purely on what the buyer *desires*.... It's not about wealth, or age, or geographic origin... It's about the "frequent traveler who wants a modern, upscale luxury".... Age be damned!

Thanks for sharing... this is just wonderful.

David Meerman Scott

Hey Robert -- I am stunned by how great this example is. Glad you like it. Amazing how a few smart people in a boutique hotel can do so much while the huge hotel chains cannot.


I love the social media persona they created with the grand old lady. Original. Highly inventive. Storytelling at its finest. What a strong marketing strategy! Nobis Hotel, I applaud you.

Adele Revella

Great story David. You're right on all counts -- this is a fascinating example of understanding and targeting a buyer persona with perfectly pitched marketing. And yes, big companies find this much more difficult to accomplish.

You might conclude that this bodes well for all of the entrepreneurs out there.

But I wouldn't count the big guys out -- big companies are slower to change, but I'm seeing a lot of progress on buyer personas in companies large and small. My sense is that buyer focus will soon be the exception, not the rule.


Great stuff David. I've seen hotels do a number of integrated content marketing programs like this, but I think you've identified one of the best. LOVE the persona description as well. And of course, print is still so critical a channel with this group of people.

Thanks for sharing.

Remco Janssen

No need to ask if you had fun in Stockholm, David!


Great Article! An article that all the small biz entrepreneurs have to read to understand content based marketing. It's really true that social media marketing is not just marketing on social media. Remarkable!

Johanneke ter Hennepe

Excellent example of creating a buyer persona and the content marketing program based on this. Thanks.

Pamela Muldoon

How fantastic! Their use of description and emotion is spot on as well. This is a great real-life example that any business, regardless of size, could take to heart. Thank you for sharing this, David!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for all these great comments!

After I posted this, the @Nobis_Hotel responded to me in this tweet http://twitter.com/#!/nobis_hotel/status/131498863910592512 with this classic tweet:

@dmscott Thanks David ! Very flattered and tipsy with joy I am about your comments reg #nobishotel and #Stockholm! Hugs @nobis_hotel

Marvin Kane

If I had the means and the time I would get myself and my wife to Stockholm TODAY and stay a while with the "grand old lady in her vast apartment ..." Such a brilliant, engaging and seductive buyer persona. I'm thinking of the picture one sees of the Messrs. Marriott Jr. and Sr. that graces the lobby of every Marriott hotel and picturing them coming up with a buyer persona like the Nobis. NOT!!! BTW, great video on the Nobis homepage.

David Meerman Scott

Marvin - Closest thing any hotel chain has is Paris Hilton -- now she's got persona! THanks for pointing to the video - I had not seen that before.

Cliff Lewis

Wow. What a dream project. Any idea what sort of process guided their semantic analysis?

David Meerman Scott

Cliff -- Sorry I am not sure.

Anne Sorensen

Terrific - thanks David! Really loved their analysis of words and phrases in reviews for SEO. It seems so obvious yet perhaps not commonly done - relying more on other tools. A great example overall of buyer personas.


Hi Cliff! Tipsy lady here:)
The "process" I used for SEO was really basic keywords describing the hotel, then after a few months removing negative keywords (the ones I did not want to associate searches with) and replacing them with descriptive keywords I picked up on semantic search tools. The idea was to optimise CPC, reduce bounce rate and improve conversions. Worked like a charm!
Drop me a line if you want to chat some more!
And thanks Dave for all this! I feel humbled by all this attention:)

David Meerman Scott

Oliver -- you totally deserve the attention. Thanks for spending time with me! David

Ray Hodge

I love the fact that they are able to align who they are as a core business with the needs and wants of their key customers (not having to make stuff up). Nice example of integration.

Colin Warwick

Great story, David. I'm curious: how did you you find their web site initially? (word of mouth? Google search phrase? other?)

David Meerman Scott

Ray -- exactly. No "MSU" - making stuff (or S#IT) up.

Colin -- I asked someone and got the names of about 10 Stockholm hotels. Went to each site and chose the Nobis.


The book from the Hotel sounds interesting. How can I purchase a copy?

David Meerman Scott

Eugene - contact the hotel.


Its feels good to read article like this. Ur article express ur thoughts and ur interest in social communication. Really admirable thought.
I recently read a post comparing direct marketing to content marketing and thought you might want to check it out. http://www.inboundsales.net/blog/bid/48652/Direct-Marketing-vs-Content-Marketing-What-Works-Best-For-Lead-Generation

Julie Squires

So perfect, David. I'm sure the big chains are noticing. Thanks for adding value.

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There are well known hotels which do not need any advertising or changes in their marketing habits. Their brand name is a guaranty of luxury and great welcoming in the establishment.

Jonathan Bowker

Hi David, I was really impressed by the Nobis use of Social Media when you first wrote this article. I was on my way to Thailand to consult a hotel on Social Media strategies and used Nobis and The Roger Smith in New York as examples. Nobis seem to have abandoned their stately persona, do you know if there was any particular reason or did the media exposure get to much for a grand old lady?

David Meerman Scott

Hi Jonathan. I haven't checked in with the Nobis since I wrote the piece.

You should definitely check out The Lodge at Chaa Creek as another example. I wrote about them here.

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