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November 15, 2011


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The Kindle Fire will be an amazing disruptor in a fascinating market, but iit is wrong to think of Amazon as a content company rather than a technology company. They are not a content company, in that whilst content sits at the heart of their business, they don't own any content themselves, but retail other people's (nothing wrong with that!). They are in fact a tech company, as their growth and success has been about innovating with technology - from the very first use of the Internet to create a bookstore, through 1-click purchasing, to Amazon Prime and the Kindle. It's a great mistake to think of them other than as a tech company, which is why they will challenge Apple and crush Barnes & Noble.

Bob James

Mr, Scott, as a result of this post and your pervious one, I bought a Kindle Fire (which shipped the same day) and plan to download your new e-book (the minute the Kindle arrives).

In your next post, would you please write about sales-resistance?

I could use a little.

Tina Behnke

Never wanted a Kindle Fire.... till now! Thanks for the not-so-gentle nudge! ;-)

Jackie @ freeismylife

I have tons of Kindle books on my smartphone that read everywhere, including at home. Although it looks slick, I just don't know if I want to invest in an eBook reader. The only thing that I miss is that fact that you need a kindle to get the newspaper subscriptions.

David Meerman Scott

Chrisglennie -- I violently disagree. Amazon owns tons of content. For example, they pioneered user reviews which they own hundreds of millions of. They have a fantastic algorithm for categorizing the product listings in a way that makes them easy to both search and browse. And the product listings themselves, with specs, features, descriptions, and editorial reviews are absolutely content they own as well. No doubt that Amazon is one of the biggest content companies in the world.

Bob -- enjoy it. I get mine delivered tomorrow!

Jackie -- I'm 50 and my eyes are too. I need a bigger screen!

Leo Saraceni

I still dont get it. Why should I have a Kindle when I can have an iPad? Yeah, it's $300 extra, but I can get a much better experience. Plus, Kindle App is available on my android phone.

David Meerman Scott

Go for it Leo. THey are different tools and it sounds like the iPad is better for you.

Cassandra Blizzard

Okay, you got me. I have to go and get your book. Been looking at the fire too.


Love the new Kindle Fire. The color display is amazing vs the older model. I just think that buying a Ipad is more bang for your buck. You can do so much more with it and the cost is not that much more considering what you are getting.

Pierce County Jail

The new Kindle Fire for only $199 is more than a tablet - it's a Kindle with a color touchscreen for web, movies, music, apps, games, reading & more.

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