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November 28, 2011


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Tony Faustino

David, I'm looking forward to purchasing my Kindle copy of Newsjacking as an early Christmas present.

Speaking of seeding the market (Technique #4), I noticed in my Google Reader how several influencers wrote Newsjacking reviews around its November 14th release: Ann Handley, Mitch Joel, Jason Falls, Lee Oden, Joe Chernov, and Debbie Weil (just to name a few).

Well Played Sir! And, Congratulations on the successful release of your latest book.


Great post on my favourite blog again- I will be helping someone to promote a specialized book for local government decision maker. It's very useful for them, answers their needs and...it's free due to EU subsidies, so it might not be considered "serious". I am figuring out the strategy for the book to pass through decision makers secretaries and make them aware, so the publication can change their mindset on governing education. Only few thousand people to reach, so your blog becomes something like a brainstorm partner to me ;).

Tony Faustino

David, I also meant to compliment you on the great use of Techniques #3 & #6 in Ann Handley's blog post: Newsjacking - A New Approach to PR.

Not only did you effectively stir the pot with the commenters on Ann's blog post, but you also responded to each of these folks in real-time (especially if they voiced dissenting views).

My apologies for not confining my response to one reply. I'm blaming it on the lingering effects of Thanksgiving Tryptophan.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Tony! Because the book is so short (only an hour to read) many people were able to read it and get reviews done first day. No early copies were distributed at all.

Rgielecki - for free ebooks, a great design is essential. Here are some of mine (designed by @eymer http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/products_ebooks.htm


Hi David

The New Rules of Marketing and PR was one of the very first marketing books I ever read, and have been a fan ever since :)

This is great advice for any marketer. However, some might say that the "don't talk too early" rule might limit the amount of momentum and thus attention a product could receive, considering how Apple manages to build up anticipation and have people line up around the block for their new products. I'm not necessarily agreeing with what I'm saying, but just playing devil's advocate.

Looking forward to getting a copy, you'll need to recommend an eReader :)


Hi David,

Respect! It is so easy to tell others what to do, and, especially, what not to do. Great to see that you master the strategies yourself. Thanks for the helpful post and also many thanks for (subtly) mentioning my blogpost.

Enjoy the success of your book!

David Meerman Scott

OpEd - Apple does the same thing that I do. They do not talk up products until they are ready (or very close to ready) to ship. Many other tech companies announce products months ahead. The new iPhone 4S announcement for example, nobody knew till announcement day what the features were.

Gonnie - my pleasure. Thank you!

Lori Stammer

Good list of suggestions. As new media marketing coordinator for University Press of New England I use many of the same tactics. The trick is to keep interest stimulated for a period of time. One added strategy would be to create a QR code for your social link or to your blog, or it could send people to your sign up for emails. OR Codes are easy to generate I use http://goqr.me/ to make mine. Good blog and Thanks.



Good job! Congratulations. I wish you success.

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