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October 21, 2011


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Kelly Monaghan

Um. . . Does SAS stand for anything? or are they just trying to confuse us oldsters in the travel business who think it stands for Scandinavian Airline Systems?

David Meerman Scott

Kelly - SAS Institute, Inc. is the worlds largest privately held software company with annual revenue of USD $2.5 billion. Because it is private, CEO Jim Goodnight can spend his efforts building great products and treating employees well without all the quarterly profit nonsense that public companies have. People love working there.

SAS originally stood for Statistical Analysis System.

Sean Carpenter

Great presentation. I have been saving this post in my inbox for a while so I am glad I finally had the time to watch it. The last question is one I continue to enjoy watching is how some companies are really good at "listening" to their customers via the social "noise" channels and responding. It is a really simple touch to help that person evolve from being just a number to a customer to a real human being.

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