Cool event alert - Nature and Leadership Expedition to Panama

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:12 AM on October 13, 2011

MonamiEarly this year, I visited the jungles of Panama with Nathan Gray and Lider Sucre of Earth Train, staying at their beautiful Mamoni Valley Preserve campus.

During my visit, I was able to reflect on what the natural world can teach about leadership. I wrote about it in a post Biodiversity and business leadership, which includes a video interview with Nathan.

Nathan, Lider, and a group of talented artists and businesspeople are taking these ideas forward with an exciting one-week executive level leadership seminar-adventure in Panama. I'll be attending the week long event from January 28 to February 4, 2012 and there is space for just 8 others to join us.

Mother Nature CEO

The team is looking for accomplished and articulate executive-explorers to join the hiking and kayaking trip through the jungles of Panama. You will need to share our passion for enquiry and adventure, have an open mind, be physically fit, and have an enthusiastic desire to share your ideas with the group.

Together we will explore:

  • The latest insights from Nature about social organization; cooperation and "coopetition;" social networking; and applying ecological tools in the business environment.
  • The most effective ways of using natural environments as executive training and learning resources.
  • How nature and the arts - especially music - stimulates creativity and develops pattern-recognition skills.

The guides and program leaders are an incredible collection of people from around the world. Learn more here.

We will be video documenting our time together, covering our kayak trip from the Continental Divide to the Kuna Caribbean coast.

If you're looking for a fantastic adventure that gets you about as far away from the office as possible, this is your chance to be a part of an expedition together with other leaders in the arts and business.


Photo above: Doug Bruce (shot in the Kuna village of Cangandi)

David Meerman Scott

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