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October 12, 2011


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Ron Ploof

David. Last month I had the opportunity to watch a real-time communications situation play out where the company did a very good job. The San Diego Gas & Electric Company had to deal with the fact that all 1.4 million of its customers had lost power unexpectedly.

The company used Twitter very effectively. If you're interested, I sliced, diced, and analysed all of their Twitter activity during the 12 hours of the crisis.


Chase Sherman

Interesting examples. You definitely raise a good point in terms of response time (and ability to respond). Seems like your pointing to a deeper focus which is, "Is our company poised in its dealings with prospects, customers, government, competitors, family members, friends, etc.?"

David Meerman Scott

Ron - Many thanks for pointing us to your analysis. I just checked it out and recommend anyone reading this do the same.

Chase - Yes, however it is more like "Is our company poised *to act quickly* in its dealings with..."


Its true. One of the main issues for companies / brands is how Social Media is going to affect Corporate / PR Communications. Real Time has become a mindset that affects everything. If you can't react in real time not only you can miss big opportunities but small issues can spread creating crisis situations for brands. In fact there should be, besides the Crisis Committee, a Real Time Crisis Team that can react in no time! Your take?

David Meerman Scott

Manuchat - What's important to remember is that "crisis" is only part of the issue. That term "crisis" implies something bad.

However, I see many more opportunities that are positive. Very few companies react to positive things in the news and social media.


True. In this case, Social Crisis scenarios are what makes them prepare to react in real time. After that, you (should) react to anything positive and negative (well, actually, in the perfect world) :)

Raquel Richardson

Each Thursday our team has a "Square Lunk" (our business name is Silver Square; we call ourselves Squares and lunk is just a name for lunch) and we talk about various topics. Next Thursday I'm going to use your scenarios as discussion to see what we would answer. We are good on our feet and I believe we would react well, but, this will be good food for thought and practice.

Always good stuff!

David Meerman Scott

Raquel - That's cool. I hope it is a success. If you able to do so, please update us on the result.


What's the best way for a time-poor company to keep an eye on what people are saying? A daily Google search?

David Meerman Scott

Claire - Easy and free would be a combination of 1) a mainstream media + social web alerting such as Google alerts and 2) a Twitter management tool such as TweetDeck or HootSuite.

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