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October 03, 2011


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carolyn winter

David - though I am not from your industry your post has me reflecting on a few things. It seems to me that the persona who can do real time marketing must also have an evolved sense of self, integrity and confidence and not be ruled by an inflated ego, self-intersts or dishonesty -motivations that may be easily disguised with a longer timeline. I also wonder if an inclusionary world view is also a pre-requisite. Perhaps real-time decisions and actions are easier to make when we come from a place of inner coherence that serves the whole.

David Meerman Scott

Carolyn, Very interesting observation. I think you are right. I'm especially intrigued about "an inclusionary world view." I always suggest people be open to serendipity (happy accidents) too.

Chase Sherman

Definitely a great point, Carolyn. It seems like people with a strong internal compass are those who succeed in this space.

Kate Putnam

HI David,
In general I find your point of view helpful because it is different from my own and helps me to refine my thoughts. This time I don't. As a former banker, I know bond traders have vested self-interests that have permitted them to drag down financial markets repeatedly, taking tax payer dollars with them. They don't think about the benefits of the organization or the potential risks to others. That said, I would not want someone responding in real time who could not think about the longer term impact on the organization of their immediate actions.


Love this concept David. It pretty much sums up my current evolution of thinking. Marketing has moved from one office to EVERYONE and the marketer is now a puppet-master with the need to be aware of and responsive to multiple touch points and real-time opportunities/threats. Oh and I think that Kate has missed your point ...

Christa Carone

David, I think your point about diversifying the skill set for marketing is a good one. Yes, data and analytics are more important than ever to make sure we’re engaging with clients and prospects in such relevant ways that they truly believe what we communicate -- so much so that they take action, build confidence in and become advocates for our brands. And the cycle continues. You've hit a critical point to spinning up the "fly wheel" of advocacy. Engagement starts with relevancy. Data and smart interpretation of the massive data available to us enable relevant engagement. Everything else is just clutter.
Christa Carone


Nice Article, You are on the correct track, marketing decisions need to be movtivated by hard data in real time. Your competition is the billions conversations going on within social networking communites if your orgnaizaiton is not responding in kind respones, promotions, and product deisions are typical in lagging and becoming dated.

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