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September 15, 2011


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Claudia Cooley

We've recently refurbished an old phone box/booth and while it was removed from it's original place, I put up a QR poster in its place. When people scanned the QR it took them to our facebook page, where they could see the progress being made. I also was able to put our logo in the middle of the QR and it still worked!
We are thinking about using the QR/Logo combo on book bags and mugs too.
(I've also tried to make our Facebook page NOT just about us, I post about repurposed UK telephone boxes around the world.)

David Meerman Scott

Claudia - cool example. Thanks!

Ramiro Algozino

We used QR codes in the IDs given in an event with all the assistant info: name, e-mail, website, etc. So you can get in touch with a new friend easily.. :)

David Meerman Scott

Ramiro - great use of QR codes!

Elliott Shultz

Promoting your URL or Twitter account is substantially different than substituting QR codes for needed information. While the relentless domination of smart phones seems inevitable, at this moment they are not universal. This means you are giving the majority of your audience the distinct sense of "being left out" -- not a winning strategy.


I'd love to have QR codes on bus and tramstops near the line number, sending me to webpage showing vehicle's current position using built-in GPS for every bus or tram. Or maybe on book posters, sending me directly to 1-click buy for Amazon Kindle.

Scott McFadden

We are recommending trade show clients use QR codes at their exhibit booth as you did in #1. CSW Corp's One Idea: 10 Basic QR Code Ideas for Tradeshows http://bit.ly/qoSuPt shares a few more.

QR codes give companies an opportunity to engage attendees in conversations other than sales related to help build relationships. One reason we provided in the blog a recommended QR code reader for different smartphones was feedback that many attendees were mistakingly taking pictures of QR codes and not scanning them. The basics have to be covered first.

Related to your #10, just thinking a QR code on a pet collar might be better than just a "fido" nametag.

We always enjoy your information and books. Recommended The New Rules of Marketing & PR in our first blog. http://bit.ly/mRPRGF


Thanks for the post. There are a lot of great QR code ideas, here.

I like the idea of using a QR code on business cards. The purpose of business cards is to contact, and making it easy is huge. LinkedIn has an application I like, called Ping Tags that brings 'scanners' to your LinkedIn profile. The scanner also has the ability to email or call you without keying in any contact information. Users can also see analytics of their QR codes.

Once again, thanks for the post. QR codes are still unique and opportunities are endless.


I agree that not many people know what QR codes are yet, but I've been paying attention and I'm starting to see them turn up on all manner of print advertising. In fact, I saw one last night on a billboard in West LA for an upcoming Tony Robbins event. I also saw a piece on CNBC yesterday about Best Buy taking a big hit because consumers walk in, scan bar codes on products, and find better deals online.

There is no disputing that smartphones are taking over and consumers are incentivized to add bar code readers. QR codes are next and they'll be big. I just wrote a piece for job seeking lawyers, advising that they print cards with QR codes for their LinkedIn profile, or add QR stickers to existing cards.

Anthea Kawakib

I use them on my flyers, postcards, & business cards; I have different qr codes for my websites & facebook business pages. They dont take the place of info but supplement it. I think they're great-

Brittany Morse

Haha... #10 totally made me chuckle! I haven't personally used one yet, but we did have a blogger tweet a picture of himself holding up a QR code, which then redirected to his latest product review on his blog. I thought it was a fun way to combine social, mobile and web!


I use them on property flyers. They QR code goes to a mobile friendly virtual tour of the home.


I put a QR code on my business card and think it's a great tool. It allows you to only put information on the card that never changes (which in today's world isn't a whole lot), such as my blog address and my mobile phone, and then the QR code leads to a page that I constantly update with contact info and new projects I am working on. So when "the next Twitter" comes along, I just change the page. It saves me from making new business cards, but more importantly that new info can reach people I gave a business card to months ago.


To Elliott, although QR codes are not universal, you can avoid disenfranchising the technophobes by simply putting "or visit www.whatever.com/xyz under your QR code

David Zimel

I am taking them to the next level and making them unique in a branding format. I have developed www.qrartcodes.com. color in a black and white world. My site is still a work in progress, plan on finish this weekend, but example of my work are there.


IMO QR code usage has reached or is very close to its peak. NFC will largely replace them because they don't require any action on the part of the consumer.


I'm Using QR codes in a pretty common way... To help grow a Facebook fan base! I think that these things will be around for a long time and only get more and more relevant. They give us the ability to convert interest to action instantaneously!


Currently, my company is using QR codes on our business cards and we're looking for more ways to use them in the future. I've also seen them used on real estate signs in front of houses, and I thought that was a great usage. How many times have you passed by a house for sale and wanted to know how much they were asking, and other info? And how long would it take to look it up yourself? Most people would just forget about it, but with the QR code you can satisfy your instant gratification and the Realtor has their property exposed to more people.


I will be making products with printed QR codes - the first one being a bow tie with a company website URL for catering staff at events. Have done some test pieces and it seems to work!

David Meerman Scott

Wow -- some really interesting and creative uses of QR Codes! Thanks to all for these ideas. Lianne -- your bow tie wins the creativity award. Please send a photo when you can!

Niall Harbison

I like the rock bands one. That is both practical and useful. I hate the way people are sticking QR codes on everything just for the sake of it these daus! There are plenty of times when it is smart to offer them but they shound;t just be there all the time

Stephanie True Moss

Great list of ideas for using for using QR Codes. The next piece of the puzzle is to make sure that the QR Code resolves to great mobile content! Here is a great example of #5 in your list: When patients are diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, they often hand out these cards with AFIB/patient information. http://qrmedia.us/qr-codes-help-atrial-fibrillation-patients/
This is a great way to give patients access to credible online information regarding different conditions and illnesses.


In the spirit of your 10th point, I have a T-shirt with a QR code on it that decodes to "Photos of me cost €10, or a passionate snog. You choose."

Yeah, OK, I'm a bit of a tart, but the reactions are fun. :-)

David Meerman Scott

Niall - I amended the post to include an example of a rock band one.
Stephanie - you are right of course. You need great content. Thanks for the example.
Tim - Great one!!


I use my company's platform in my marketing efforts to create cool interactive apps that can live on our Facebook page, blog and website. When we have a great new idea or are exhibiting at a tradeshow, we can quickly login at www.snapapp.com - generate a QR code for an app and print them out for table tents & on hand-outs to use at Tradeshows or during client meetings. Our sales team loves it! We just recently did this at a local Web Innovators conference with Patriot's Tickets giveaway - go ahead, you can register if you want http://app.snapapp.com/webinno :0) Game is at Gillette in MA so you need to be local. The great thing with using QR codes like this is that they're so quick and easy.



as you’re discussing about using QR codes for business cards, in order to generally give targeted informations, I’d ask you to try the experimental “Service” (called "Identity” - t.m. - ), that lets you have a sort of “Virtual Business Card” to share with others, entering a (future, I hope…) Community where to save favourites scanned contacts and products, sharing ratings on products.

I’d be glad if you could try it, writing me your opinions…

You can find more info about the service here:


Call Center Services

My question is are the ones on TV really effective? It's like you would need to race to the screen before the commercial is over to scan it. Otherwise, I think they are a great tactic when it comes to getting contact information.



I have been fascinated with QR code for a while now. With the increase number of people accessing internet through smartphone and with the ease of use, QR codes can be new wave of marketing. Great examples David.

Andrew Davis

Ever since you posted this I've been looking for well-executed QR code examples. I haven't seen many good real time examples, but I opened the NYT magazine this weekend to see a nicely executed QR code campaign for Tito's Vodka - of all things.
Thanks for the great tips.
Here's my take on four lessons from Tito's.

Have a great week.
- Drew

David Meerman Scott

Drew -- cool example. Thanks for sharing it here!


I like the QR code video ideas. I'm a personal trainer so I could easily put ab programs from my youtube to do at home on a card. Great ideas.


Cool examples and thank you for educating people about QR codes. Check out some case studies on our blog http://www.youscan.me/blog/category/case-studies/ or create a QR code with us.

Dragos Visan

We use QR codes in our athletics and recreation facility with thousands of daily walk-ins. I find that using bit.ly's generated qr code allows us to both provide the benefits of qr codes as well as track the traffic in real-time.

I also started using app store (iOS) and market place (android) specific links embedded in qr codes that download and install our mobile app directly from the source on each system. I am still experimenting with launching links in the right apps. I find that follow us urls in qr codes are not as useful as loading our twitter profile directly in the twitter mobile app. It takes a different type of link to launch the twitter app on an iphone or on an android device.

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