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September 19, 2011


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Ricardo (a.k.a. Ribeezie) Bueno

I can't think of any awesome record store names David, but on the subject of naming things... Part of the reason I started out as "Ribeezie" instead of just Ricardo Bueno. It's different, young, hip, memorable (I think) - though tough to spell at times, heh.

David Meerman Scott

Ribeezie -- Awesome example! Yes, your name is certainly memorable. Thanks for jumping in.

Norma R. Goldsmith

There's a record store in Montreal called Phantasmagoria. It's a name that just rolls off the tongue.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Norma! Awesome name!

carolyn winter

The ghost of Sam The Record Man still lives on Toronto's Yonge St. as far a i am concerned. I can't believe the store went out of business in 2001 and the store itself finally closed in 2007. Still expect to see it when I drive by.

It wasn't a great name but certainly one I will always remember. It makes me think that all aspects of the music industry runs on the very principle of resonance. We just resonate with our fav music stores.

Love the Sound Pollution pic!

Carolyn Winter

John Pohl

Dead-on as always, David. Your name is arguably the single most important attribute of your brand, and it's amazing how little thought seems to go into the naming process. Ironically, some of the least memorable, most boring brand names are for marketing agencies. That's why I named mine "14th Floor Solutions", and why my title is "Chief Elevator Operator." While not everyone likes those names, I can't tell you how many unsolicited compliments I've received on both. And if someone doesn't like those names, I probably wouldn't like them as a client anyway!

Debra Helwig

Two of my favorites - both around since the mid-70s - in Athens, GA, Wuxtry (http://www.wuxtry-records.com/), and in Atlanta, Wax n' Facts (http://www.waxnfacts.com/). Great stores, great names!

David Meerman Scott

Carolyn, John, & Debra - awesome names! Thanks!

Aluminium kozijnen

Sound Pollution is a very nice name and the shop lokes reallly cool!

Chris Barry

Those are great record store names and I wish I would have had them in the town where I grew up - which was Geneva, IL. - and record shopping was a transformative activity.

Geneva did have Music, Ltd. Great records but the name of the store was, well, uninspiring. I would make the trek to Aurora's Stereo Place because their collection was absolutely mind blowing but the name of the joint fell flat.

Then there was Elgin's Appletree Records, which invoked a spot of whimsy yet housed some of the best punk records this side of Chicago's Wax Trax circa 1980 - a truly inspired name for a record store if ever there was one.

Jessica Davenport- Barnes

What do you think of the name My Flunkie (Flunky) for a personal assistant or concierge service.

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