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Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:55 AM on September 19, 2011

Last week I was in Stockholm, Sweden where I delivered the keynote at the Email Marketing Evolved event #eme2011 sponsored by my friends at Apsis.

As I was wondering through Gamla stan in the old town of Stockholm prior to my gig, I ran across this record store called Sound Pollution.

Sound pollution

Love the name!!

I had to tweet the pic and post it on Facebook and G+. I was surprised at how many people jumped in to let us know of their favorite record store names. Here are some:

Steven Keith - Magnolia Thunderpussy in Columbus, OH

Shel Holtz and Doug Jackson - Licorice Pizza in Van Nuys, CA

Laura Bergells - Flat, Black, and Circular in East Lansing. MI

Joseph Kalinowski - Flipside Records in Hermitage, PA

David Curle and Tonia Ries - Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, MN

Michael Salerno - Nuggets in Boston, MA

Nathan Dube - Turn It Up in North Hampton MA

Memorable names

Isn't it interesting how these record store names are so memorable to people that they were compelled to talk about them based on my posting of a photo? Some of these stores closed down decades ago.

Yet so often when people name companies and products, they go for the boring and mundane.

Naming gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Heck, that’s the reason why I use my middle name professionally – there are many thousands of David Scotts who turn up on Google search yet I am the only “David Meerman Scott” in the entire world.

We’d love to hear some more memorable record store names. Please leave in the comments. Especially looking for some from outside the USA.

David Meerman Scott

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