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September 21, 2011


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I definitely agree that social media for schools is really useful in teaching force. It is a matter of how to use it properly.
Thanks for sharing!.


We'll see if they will beat Facebook.


I am not sure if they are the result of something I did, or something Google left on my computer, but if I do not soon find a way to stop the popups asking me to +1 sites I like, I am going to switch to AltaVista as my main search engine.

Ricardo Bueno

I'm on Facebook because I have to be (my network is there). But I have to tell ya, Google+ is my new favorite network. Clean UI, easy to organize contacts...

It's going to be fun to see it grow.


But its not so popular as facebook

Emdadul Prince

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white label SEO

I'm still waiting for Google+ to overtake FB. It would be ironic if they would have to do white label SEO tactics too, just to get ahead.

outsource seo

If Google decides to make Google+ signals an SEO factor, with a formal announcement and all, there would be a landslide of users.


Well, I would say that Google plus isn't something that would kill Facebook's rule in the social media limelight. But it's something that Facebook should feel a bit of tension.

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