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August 22, 2011


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Leokadia Makarska-Cermak

Congregations! I am in the process of re-reading the second edition. Your book is great and packed with wonderful ideas. I am looking forward to reading the third edition in a few months for some new mobile marketing ideas.

Brent Carnduff

Congratulations David! I loved the last edition - can't wait to read the new one!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks guys. It is indeed exciting.


Congrats David!


Awesome David, congrats! Believe it of not, I read the first edition just a few weeks ago over vacation. Since then I have been following your blog and now and excited to pick up the 3rd edition!

Bob Stanke

David Meerman Scott

Bob - the first edition?! Wow. The strategy and main ideas haven't changed, but the tools have.

Alessandro Castrianni

Congratulations! I red the second edition! Very good stuff! I'm waiting for the third!

Avil Beckford

Congratulations David! I have read some of your other books but haven't read this one so will pick of a copy. Avil

Renee Massauro

Congratulations David!! I just bought the kindle version. Can't wait to start reading. As always, Thank you for all your valuable information. Renee

Debbie Josendale

Congratulations David! I read the first edition shortly after you published it. Few business books have ever had such an impact on my thinking, but The New Rules forever changed the way I think about marketing. Can't wait to read the 3rd edition!


Good luck with the new edition. I've always recommended the old one, in fact we bought 20 of them to give to friends!

Mary Seeger

Great news and congratulations! IMO, this is required reading for junior marketing team members at our business and I look forward to the new content. Thank you for all of the great insight and information - it is invaluable.


Congratulations David! Looking forward to picking up the latest edition. Your contribution to successful social media marketing has been invaluable to our agency and many others I'm sure. Everyone here at Gruv Media appreciates and respects your work.

All the best,

~ Gruv

David Meerman Scott

Thanks to everyone for your support. I'm enjoying the launch of the book.

Kirsten Cangilla

Congrats! Looking forward to more insight. Saw this today and thought of you. Always thinking, always evolving! http://bit.ly/oU9WiP

Chase Sherman

Awesome. Congratulations, David. Mobile is definitely a great addition to your book!

Justin Dupre

Congrats!Will be checking this latest edition out

Anne Sorensen

Congratulations once again David! Looking forward to reading #3! :) Best wishes.

Adam Swarr

Mobile Marketing is one area I'm still trying to grasp. I can't wait to read the new version. I can't believe how much the marketing field has changed since the first edition. I reference your books for help whenever I face a tough decision. Thanks for giving us more help and new information.

Adam Swarr
Author, "Bananas to Birthdays, How and Why to be a Marketer To One"

CW LaFontaine

Gratz Dave. I just hope that they offer it in hard cover as well as soft this time.

BTW, We use three of your books standard for marketing in our organization. Keep up the excellent work!

David Meerman Scott

@CW - In English it is paperback and ebook formats only at this stage - no hardcover.

Keith Jennings

This is fantastic, David! Congratulations!

What I admire about you, among many other things, is that you keep your body of work aligned with what's happening today. You're truly a real-time practitioner.


Awesome, I've added the book to my Amazon list. I appreciate that you keep it updated based on what's needed at the time.

Thanks for the post!

Nancy Dowd

David, It's a classic as far as I'm concerned! Congratulations.

David Meerman Scott


Since Google Plus was launched while the third edition was at the printer, I am already planning a 4th edition for release in August 2013.

Mark MyWord

Google "Professional Plus", will be released July 2013

Ron Carter

Congratulations David. You helped change the way I practice public relations.

Inbound Call Center

It was another achievement for you! Congratulations!

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