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August 19, 2011


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Todd Defren

Love it, and thrilled for all involved.

Remco Janssen

Funny stuff! Like the guy who created the most amazing press release ever:



Love the example of walking the talk!!

Paul Roetzer

Nice analysis, David. I agree, it worked well for HubSpot, and was a smart move in this instance, but I pray the format doesn't catch on. It was maddening to read.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks guys. I think this format worked great for this announcement. But I'm not sure it would work for other companies or other situations.

Roberta Guise

Agree, the tweet-embedded format worked brilliantly in this instance.

The content was a bit chopped up though, so that made it even harder to read.

The fix would be to present info about Laura Fitton and her company's core product immediately following the initial announcement. Plus a quote from Laura (so few women sell tech firms, that in itself was news!).

Following the 140 info would come all the other HubSpot acquisition content.

As a release writing strategy, I can see embedding up to about three tweets throughout one's copy, separated by other content. It'll add another rich dimension and the read will still be smooth.

David Meerman Scott

Roberta - that would be an interesting "compromise" that gets the spirit of this style release yet still makes it easy for journalists to cover.

I spent some time with Laura on Friday - you're right, it is rare for a woman tech entrepreneur to reach the ultimate goal of a successful exit. I know she is excited to be a part of HubSpot.

Social Media Apps

As HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah explained about the importance of .... But it will soon add alerts to let you know about possible relationship

Top World News

I enjoyed your article…welcome to the HubSpot-o-sphere.
I kind of think HubSpot and Marketo are apples and oranges.
In my mind, marketers have two choices:
1. Points solutions glued together by IT: SEOmoz + Hootsuite + Drupal + WordPress + Google Analytics + Marketo. The benefits are that you get tons of features....
2. All in one, HubSpot: There are two benefits…first, you have one login, one # to call, one ui to learn, one bill, etc…second, there are giant benefits from having your back-end (leads) and you front end (website) on one system around personalization, from having your blog and seo on one system (seo recommendations on blog), from having your social and landing page together (schedule posts of your best offers)...
I think Marketo’s good stuff, but it is like comparing and Apple and an orange to compare it with HubSpot...

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