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August 12, 2011


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David, I am an avid reader of your blog since I discovered it recently. The insight you provide has inspired me to add my own two pennies/cents via my own blog (covering topics I am interested in, such as marketing in science, link below).

Therefore, have a plus one! The first of many I hope.

The meaning of memes: http://paulsavery.wordpress.com/


David do you think Google-Plus is going to last and a be a long-term competitor/conqueror of Facebook? Or merely a companion? I can't help but think of the MySpace/Facebook situation of the late 2000s. Seems like FB is too big and too dug in to ever go the way of MySpace, and also that your typical user (not Social Media fanatics like us) might be hesitant to open a Google Plus account AND keep their FB page going since the two can duplicate one another in many areas. Then again so many people already have Gmail and use Google products, and it would integrate nicely ... as you can see I'm torn about where this is headed. What's your take?

I guess for now it doesn't matter - we should be all over Google-Plus as Marketing/PR types in the meantime. And as you always say it's not as much about the tools as it is about how we interact with our customers/clients in this space!

Unusual Business Ideas

Ever since I started including social sharing buttons on my blogs I've noticed a huge drop in comments. I think people would rather click a button that type a comment BUT this is a lower form of engagement.

Anyone experience this comment drop?

Would you rather have comments or likes?


Done! Fortunately this was easy on Wordpress.com; I picked "Settings" and went to "Share," where I could drag and drop to enable Google+ sharing.

Share Ross

Thanks for yet another insightful post. I joined Plus a few weeks ago and am astounded by its fast growth. It is still in the early stages, but I can see the power.

"sharing' buttons make it so easy.

Thanks for the reminder. I just went and checked my blogs to see if they included the G+ button. Whew.

David Meerman Scott

Paul -- I took a a look at your blog. Well done - keep going!

John -- You answered your own question - it doesn't matter. People are using it. I do think in the long run both FB and G+ will thrive. The question is which one will buy Twitter?

Kelly - thanks for letting us know how it works in Wordpress.


Promoting google+ votes is becoming a very hot business. Using these types of services could have negative or positive affects on SEO.
We just have to see how google treats them. Another place to buy google plus votes is bulkones.com
Will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next few months.

David Meerman Scott

Crap, seomaster - "buy google plus votes" I hope you +1 this. Or do I have to pay you?

Tony Faustino

Thank you for sharing how to add the Google +1 to TypePad blog posts! I was trying to figure this out late, last night and the furthest I got was adding the +1 button to my TypePad sidebar with Google's HTML code.

You literally saved me hours of frustration. Much appreciated!


Thanks for the great post on Google+. I'm having trouble getting on my self hosted Wordpress.org site, do you know how I can add it to my site? I've looked around, but getting nothing except frustrated. Any advice will be appreciated very much, thanks for your time.


Great tip about putting Google + on my content...
I think that is a very good idea... Thanks for sharing...

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Google +1 button is very helpful for getting the effective search result.This can also help to i8m[rove the quality of the content.So, it can also help to improve the PR of the site.

Amy Spitko

I added the +1 button to our blog before anybody was talking about Google Plus. It was available, and I feel like every time I turn around there's SOMETHING new, so might as well include everybody.


Completely agree. Google+ cannot be ignored any longer, especially now that it has 25 million+ users. Honestly I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to engage with that many people. While it might not necessarily be around to stay, its here now and needs to be used to its full advantage.


Agreed. I added the button to my Typepad blog recently. However, it bothers me that the Twitter, Facebook and Google+ buttons are lost in the footer. Any idea if they can be moved to the front of a post?

David Meerman Scott

@Heidi -- the solution is to create custom templates for your blog. You can't do it with out of the box TypePad.

Buy Plus One

Google +1 is simply going to dominate the social market and enable people to connect in ways never before possible. This added to the fact that page rank can be improved is just huge.


Hi David,

Thanks for taking a look at my blog - wish I had more time to update it lately (its on my ever growing to-do list, I'm sure you know the feeling!?)

I came across a news story on Wired this morning that is of relevance to your post. Take a look, it may be of interest:

Google search results could soon be re-ranked using +1 info...

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WELL!Google+ has quickly swept through the planet and in record time has amassed tens of millions of users. And people are actively using it.. It is always a pleasure to read.THANKS...


Google+ really a popular thread today.Its create challenges with other social media like facebook etc.
I am also a user of google+.Now a day every websites google+ likes are also most popular like facebook likes. Make

new friends and connect your friends on google+


Hi David,

I agree completely that social sharing is gonna make big impact. Until now we had been only discussing this but google plus one showed a direct impact on SERPs and this may lead to have more impact than FB like.

This has become essential for businesses and sites to incorporate an extra layer of social recommendation through google Plus One besides FB likes and pages. So a lot of online sites don't hesitate to buy plus one initially to take the advantage of boosting in SERP.


Nice post!
In my blog I described how to add Google +1 Button to every WordPress blog post in respect to iNove theme. I added the +1 button manually editing php files. Probably, it could be useful for someone. The article is here - http://dotnetfollower.com/wordpress/2012/01/wordpress-how-to-add-google-1-button-to-wordpress-blog-post/.

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THe reason it's so successful is because its is easy to use and easy to impliment. We have added it as standard on out Kontrolit CMS full and lite versions because this is what the clients want.

Account Deleted

Nice Post....I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers! :


Hi David,

Social signal especially Google+ has started charging SERP already. Great Post and will be helpfull

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