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July 14, 2011


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Richard Glynn

Hi David.

And they say PR professionals are the ones without the ethics!! ;)

I think you're being a little near sighted in your post. There are actually many benefits to being hacked.

I often get asked: How do you achieve free publicity? I believe the secret is this: Do nothing.

Assuming they haven’t got round to you yet, sooner or later journalists in the UK will hack your phone and publish your personal details in a national newspaper.

Adi Gaskell

Mobile phone security is one of those issues that has flown under the radar a bit, but it certainly won't be any longer after the past week. It's amazing how few phones are password protected. Maybe manufacturers should demand people secure their phones as a default feature?

We did some research into business continuity (ie risk) this year and found 'hacking' to be up there at the top of the pile. Events like this can only deepen that concern, especially as more and more employees are using smart phones for work.

I put together a few tips on how people can make their phone a bit more secure btw.

David Meerman Scott

Richard - Interesting take on free publicity!

Adi - it is not the manufacturers. The problem lies with the carriers.

Jodi Kaplan

I have a password (have for some time). Feeling very proud of myself too. :)

And yeah, what Murdoch did is really sleazy.

Burst Marketing

I completely agree that the importance of mobile security has been played down. It's too easy for someone to pull a phone bill out of the garbage or pretend to call a company as you to access information.

Great article, thanks for bringing more attention to this!


Great site very interesting read thank you…cheers Peter


Enjoy reading articles on the issue of mobile phone hacking. They are full of different hacking methods and quite challenging. Thank you!

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