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July 04, 2011


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If you look at the retweets, you'll notice they all seem to be comments about the account being hacked. Not people retweeting "misinformation" as news.

David Meerman Scott

Bruce - good point. I didn't even look at the actual RTs. So I am guilty of not following my own lesson! Thanks.

Dan Hench

This is a large example of why companies need to always be ready for problems that could occur to their online marketing techniques. There are definitely some lessons that can be taken away by other users of Twitter from this hack.

I do agree with the above comment from Brucecolwin that some of the RT are saying it is a hack.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Dan. Some good lessons indeed. Most people I know who tweet for companies are one point of failure. If they are asleep or on holiday, the feed is not updated. We need to move beyond this.

Geno Prussakov

Good catch, David.

Funny: an hour ago Fox News made a public apology - http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/04/foxnewspolitics-twitter-feed-hacked/ - but the tweets are still there.

Adam Singer

*puts on conspiracy hat*

Doesn't it seem like this could be an (extremely poor taste) ploy by Fox News for publicity?

David Meerman Scott

Geno - It took them something like 8 hours to admit what had happened. And they are a real-time news organization? Yikes.

Adam - I seriously doubt that...


Seriouisly? Fox News doesn't know how to 'delete' a Tweet? This is inexcusable, and once again confirms that Fox News is not a valid 'news organzation' worthy of respect or validation.


Seriously? It's obvious from your comment you hate Fox News, but - bias aside - did you read the story? Their account was hacked and apparently the password changed, so they couldn't log on to delete the tweet.

Growing Lights

Anyone who wants Any president of these United States dead is a very sick twisted person. Stop confusing disagreement of policy and politics with complete and utter madness.

David Meerman Scott

I'd like to separate politics from the incident. I do think Fox News screwed up big time because they took more than 8 hours to respond. That is totally unacceptable for a real-time news organization.

However, I think the Fox News problems were because of incompetence, not because of any sort of bias.


They made a mistake, it's inexcusable but not the end of the world.

All this says to me is that they're still getting used to this whole Twitter web social interaction conversation thing. It's nearly 2012 and everyone who is anyone "gets it," but we have to remember that there are still millions of people around the world who have no idea what a Twitter or Tumblr or Stumble is.

I agree with you David, the problem here isn't that it happened or who it happened to, it's that the issue wasn't resolved for so long. But was that the fault of Fox News, or Twitter? Who knows where the communication got cut off. That's what they should be "tweeting" now... where they (or Twitter, or whoever else) went wrong.

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