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July 01, 2011


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Circles are tremendous. A simple enough idea that seems to work really well. I love that people don't have to know Which on of my circles they are in. We were playing with hangout in the office this afternoon which is a group video chat. Pretty impressive. This is by far the best social product from google yet. Wave buzz social search etc just didn't do it for me. I think google+ is here to stay. The problem for me is which gmail account do I use.

Also what is interesting is the current workaround or exploit for inviting users. My cynical side tells me google is leaving it open. There's nothing like thinking you've got something that others can't get.

Remco Janssen

I would love to hate Google+ too. Which I do. Although I use Google Apps for Domains and Profile, I can't access +. They have seem to make the same mistake as they did with Buzz before - invite your regular and most trusted customers last. Darn it Google!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jim. I have not played around with hangout yet.

David Meerman Scott

Remco - That stinks.

Ron Miller

Hi David:
Totally agree. How many social networks can we pay attention to, but this is a very slick implementation and it's not even 1.0 yet. Google seems to have nailed it and it's going to be very tough to ignore.


Al Pittampalli

I've only seen bad reviews of Google +, so it's nice to finally see a good one. I trust that there is different value to Google's new venture, but I don't think they've done a good job communicating their position. You point to some interesting differences here though, David.


Thanks for giving a preview, I am on the waiting list to try it. Sounds like a great tool.

Scott Lewis

I am in the same boat as Remco. My "reward" for giving up my other email hosting and moving to google apps is that I cannot tie the email address I want to google+. The address I had to accept for my non-Apps personal google account isn't one I use for anything and they offer no way to merge the former person and apps accounts now that they are moving to one namespace (finally). It is a mess. Voice, igoogle, news, etc. on one account, email, calendar, docs, on another and the adsense and analytics which should be on the apps / "work" account are on the personal account and can't be switched. Ugh. And, as Remco said, + doesn't work with the Apps account. I think it is worse than the Buzz situation this time. I think they are trying to force their users to gmail.com addresses away from our own domains because it is easier and stickier for them regardless of whether it is good for us.


To be honest I'm tired of these new social type sites..lets just have one and stick with it.

"Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

Remco Janssen

@David: it does.

@Scott: I have the same issues with my Blogger blog, YouTube, Profile and before Buzz. I had to use my old yahoo e-mail to even access my profile and blog... :-(

João Faraco

Google is doing what Facebook already does with the Friend Lists. But it does it in a more clear and focused way. Yes, you can direct your Facebook shares using the lists, but Google saw this as a really important aspect of sharing, and made it a main benefit. +1 to that !

I also take my hat off to the Hangout. When conferencing with more than one person, the main video changes according to who is talking. Still is a bit laggy, but if they manage to get it working smother, will be something I'll be constantly using.

Besides, being able to post and answer stuff on Plus without having to leave Gmail apps is just sweet.


I don't think this can even be in the same conversation as Facebook, so agree with you that it's not a FB Killer. A better competitor is LinkedIn. Yet L.I. has plenty of business relationships in place too, so converting those people over won't be easy either. Point being that there's a lot of nice functionality here with Google Plus (which I'll give a fair try in using) but in order for it to be a labeled a success, I think it's got to be more than just useful, efficient and productive like other many tools from Google. It's got to stir the senses in a way that motivates communities to wander over, not just Early Adopters. I wrote about this emotional pull today if you're interested in getting my take:


David Meerman Scott

Scott & Remco -- My main email address is not Gmail. But I did set up a Google Profile ages ago and I have a GMail address I use just for logging into my Google stuff. I guess that because I had a Google Profile, it was easy for me to get going on Google Plus.

But yeah, I hate that all these services want you to stay in their neighborhood and don't play well with other networks.

Joao - I have not tried Hangout yet...

Ted Kolovos

I REALLY wish that Google created a system that integrates Twitter and Facebook. We've invested so much in those networks already. That's where our friends and customers hang out.

Are we to abandon those? If yes, for what reason? Those tools do what they do VERY well.

Can you tell I like minimalism? hehe

Thanks a lot for the preview. I really enjoyed it and nice surfing!

Stan Dubin

I'd say 9 out of 10 active social media users are filled to the gills with sites, venues, accounts—so many ways of sharing online.

But after seeing the short videos explaining how Google+ works, I knew it was for me. Simple and focused. Many of us will just get down to talking to people we want to talk with...and Google+ will make it easier, faster and often very enjoyable. (No I don't work for the Google people or own Google stock)

But I believe it will carve into Facebook's horde. I see millions deciding Facebook is just too much to keep up with and + will make life easier. See, I just called it + ...I'll predict right here and now on your blog, David, that it'll get that good, the generic short form will simply be...


The verb form of course will lead to expressions like:

+ me.

I'll + you later.

+ out.

Stan Dubin

and one fast question, David. I've used "Google" a couple of times as my method of logging in to leave a comment. But after posting, it takes people to my Typepad profile. Do you have any info on that?

David Meerman Scott

Ted - Don't count on it. The big players like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google want you to play in their sandbox and use their toys.

Stan - I agree. +. Chris Brogan is calling the people who "plus" you "plussies"

I don't really know what TypePad is doing with comments. See what I said above - all these services want you to stay in their environment. You might check your Google Profile and see what settings it has.


Hi David, I feel the same way about Google + as you did about Linkedin and frankly I think part of it has to do with which one your join first. Facebook (at least initially) was a closed site in which you had to join before you could get any preview. I held off for several years because of that ridiculous "wall". However, after joining and "liking it", I have since convinced several good friends who were anti-FB to join and they too now "like it". Linkedin was my first social site and I think still has a lot of value for the business community and serves a real need to keep in touch with current and past folks at work in a professional setting. However, I deleted my profiles after limited use at a few sites like Plaxo etc. that seemed like lame me-too copycats. Here's an old analogy I used to use several years ago to explain the difference the difference between the big 3 social sites to others - - LinkedIn was like being at the office, Facebook was like being at a BBQ and MySpace was like being at the Bar. Actually, MySpace for a while was the rage for the younger demographic, but I think the poor (annoying) overall user design of myspace and spam killed it. As for Google, I skipped the Wave and Buzz and I think I'll pass on Google+ (at least for now)...

David Meerman Scott

Wildman - Thanks for this. I jumped into Facebook as soon as non-students could join. I didn't join LinkedIn because everyone who asked me to I either did not know or had no interest in networking with. I joined Twitter early but was not a pioneer. With G+ I've already built a great circle of people I know personally and like and trust and it is working great for me so far.

BTW with your analogy above with the "big 3" - I'd say that Twitter is when the girls duck into the restroom to discuss the guys and the guys chat about the girls while they are gone.

Dan Hench

Nice informative post. I have heard a lot of Google+ lately through many different blogs that I read regularly and decided to learn more.

I was the same way as you and also felt the same as many when Twitter first came out. Thinking what is the point of this new social networking site and did not want to learn more. I am now using Twitter and like it so after reading your post I decided maybe I also should take a look at Google+ and maybe eventually write up my own review on my blog as well.

Jonha Revesencio

I have this love-hate relationship with Google + too. I joined just to prove it would be just another Wave fail only to be dumbfounded to the point I couldn't resist clicking on the red pop-ups. Glad to see you there! :)

writer jobs

I think that Google plus is better than Facebook. But shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Dhananjayan Sekar

mm.... I'm too thinking that Google Plus will be a better one..


David, Liked your Twitter Analogy. Thanks!


this is why i don't invest too much on anything not google. coz sooner or later, they'll come up with something of their own which is almost always more organized and better looking, and more importantly, well integrated with all the other wonderful google apps you're already using.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for these comments. For me, it is not either / or. I won;t give up FB for G+. Now I look at both every day.

Andy Strote

I just got a + account. Got a free weekend coming up to play with it. But I think I'll end up on the same team as David - won't give up FB, still use Twitter, but use + in a slightly different way. But unlike David, I am on LinkedIn. It's the only one that's brought me significant business opportunities. But YMMV. Interesting times indeed!

Kevin Pack

I was early onto Twitter, but didn't use it at all until it managed to reach a critical mass of people and finally became an interesting tool.

As a photographer I have spent a lot of my time utilising the social side of Flickr and this has led to making a lot of new friends both online and in real life.

I'm really not a fan of Facebook, but post to it as it seems to offer the farthest reach to people I'm trying to connect with my images (almost everyone seems to have a Facebook account).

G+ may well end up being my "go to" site. It offers useful photography tools and I can easily cross post to Facebook and Twitter from within G+ for the time being.

Like early Twitter, the people I want to connect with aren't there yet, but I hope it is only a matter of time.

I just hope it doesn't get filled up with spam (game posts, etc.) like Facebook.


I think, Google Plus and Facebook have a different target market. So, every people should have both of Google Plus and Facebook. :D

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