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June 30, 2011


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Dave Madsen

David, thanks for sharing this. It's a breath of fresh air to read the TNT guidelines because it treats employees like partners in making their company successful.


Hi David,

Great interview with Vivienne yesterday, thanks.  Here's a tool that you and your readers may be interested in.


There are 3 options:  
1. Unrestricted
2. Moderate
3. Conservative

They are editable Word documents and free to download. They are released under Creative Commons so you can share and edit to your heart's content!

Vivienne Storey (Blands Law), Alan Jones (Qudos) and our guys at Bluewire Media have collaborated to produce these tools for you, free of charge,

We hope you find them useful,

David Meerman Scott

Dave -- Indeed it is. Glad you liked it.

Adam -- Thanks so much for posting this tool.


You may have had some trouble with Adam's link, it has a space at the end and doesn't work.

For his Social Media Guidelines Template try this:

David Meerman Scott

Thanks so much Unitseven. I fixed it in Adam's comment too.


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The tool which is shared by Blue Wire Media is a good to manage all the things and it is a good example.

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