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June 08, 2011


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I dont think it is

...It is your job to convince the bosses to say yes.

But... you can point them in the right direction and try to reduce their anxiety and fears.

Arrica Lee

Yeap. We couldn't be affected due to one or two bad apple(s). However, in Malaysia, social media and real-time marketing are not given much thought...yet.

Al Pittampalli

The evidence for social media effectiveness is so overwhelming at this point, I don't think anyone can intelligently use the occasional social media mishap as an excuse anymore. If it's a strategic decision, fine, but usually it comes down to fear of change, and it's only the greater fear of not changing that will persuade the laggards to come on board. But it's still possible to persuade them!


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David Laurence

When you talk about "The media's obsession.." is that the media struggling to find relevance in the real time world ?


great post and insight, especially about the scandals. Thanks for sharing.

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WFG Online

People are naturally scared of that which they do not understand. I noticed a great deal of fear about social media among executives.

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It's a different scenario in Malaysia. Companies are slowly embracing online tools.

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