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May 10, 2011


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very cute! I love it when companies add a mascot (especially dogs), it humanizes the company (how Ironic)!



I can now confirm that you do good interview, especially with dogs!


Anne Sorensen

He's so cute. Great interview David. We love Gus! :)

Anne Sorensen

...good taste in reading material too! :)

David Meerman Scott

Gus! = Glad to see you monitor social media in real-time and are responding to fans!

Anne - Gus is the best.

Valentina - Mascots are fine. But dogs who are active on social media are very rare. Funny - "humanizes" the company.

Tony Faustino

This really made me laugh!

Great stuff David especially Gus' social media tips. My faves are tips #1, #2, and #4.

Another great canine celebrity is Oogy. He's the subject of one of the most heartwarming books, I've ever read. The book's name is Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love.

Garry Davis

Great post. What an insightful dog!

large printing

This is a brilliant campaign. Since dogs are a man's bestfriend,I'm sure this campaign will be a huge hit.

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