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May 04, 2011


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Good luck to Mr. Evans. You're right, there's really no more dark vs. light side IMHO. "Light side" journalists are often managed by bosses who are interested in profit margins, therefore are not always clear and untainted. After all, "if it bleeds it leads" isn't some untrue rhyme or cliche, it's a motto for many. I'm happy that my company followed the advice from you DMS and HubSpot and hired a journalist. We're creating brand journalism, and it's working! Cheers!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for jumping in Dan. Good for you for creating brand journalism and I am thrilled it is working!

Richard Young

Wow. Don't forget ASUG brought on veteran tech reporter Tom Wailgum to blog at ASUG News.

Toby Esterhase

We all have kids to put through college, eh? Let's face it, Evans sold out and now has to do backflips to justify it. He, and the rest of the computer journalism racket, have always been flacks, anyway. All they do is bone up on the latest buzzword - SOA, ERP, whatever - and makes some calls and play one company off against another and voila - a "story" they can point to as journalism. It's not, because let's face it, most computer journalists are quite beholder to the companies they cover to explain to them just what's going on. It's all a jungle of jargon, and only a v. few really understand what's going on. And believe me, Evans was not one of them, not by a longshot.

David Meerman Scott

Interesting perspective Toby. I do agree with much of the criticism of tech journalism. However, I never worked with Bob in that capacity so I cannot comment on his abilities.

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