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April 13, 2011


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Bradley H. Smith

Well done David.


Complete fan review of Charlie Sheen's show in Boston with videos: http://sull.tv/2011/charliesheenboston/

Sandy Adam

Very nice review.. I especially liked "Charlie Sheen is damned good at being Charlie Sheen and that's what I paid for so I was satisfied. I’m glad I went."

He has captured the eyes and ears of the world.

Bernie Borges

I agree with your main point. I believe you and I are aligned when I wrote that there is a valuable lesson in personal branding from the Charlie Sheen act.

This is my post on this: http://www.bernieborges.com/personal-branding-training-center/personal-branding-lessons-from-charlie-sheen.

Thanks for sharing your live experience.
Bernie Borges

Traci Hayner Vanover

This is BY FAR one of the best, and most thoughtful reviews of Sheen that I've read. And I've read damn near all of them -- exploring the PR lessons that are to be found in watching this all play out.

Thanks for sharing your insights. There's a book in this story, David, and I think you are just the guy to write it.

My Best,


It's amazing that someone like Charlie Sheen can turn (almost) an entire nation's head his way.

You make the point clear though, David: now that Charlie has our attention he has to watch his step. Luckily for him, he has our attention because... well... he's Charlie Sheen.


David Meerman Scott

Thanks for all these comments.

Traci, I especially want to thank you for your kind words. I too have been studying this from the start. In fact, I am doing a Webinar on the topic in a few weeks. Not sure about a book though!

Anne Sorensen

Thanks David for a great analysis and some poignant reminders of good presentations! Great you got to attend after following the story and to provide these insights which are a refreshing change to the mainstream media focus of his activities. Looking forward to the webinar (and maybe an e-book? :) )

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Anne... who knows where this riff will lead?

Mary Mancera

Hi David. Love your stuff. Love the posts. And loosely agree with the critique with how the guy has manipulated the media. But to anyone who has lived with an addict -- it's hard to find anything about his antics admirable or entertaining. The guy just doesn't deserve the stage he has. Period.


Interesting post, as usual, David. But for the life of me, I can't see any value Charlie Sheen might add on any level- except as a weird form of entertainment distraction (on the level of cable tv's Most Shocking Videos) and example of how easy it is to manipulate the media. I do understand the media and public's fascination with celebrities,and companies need to loosen up and get more creative, but taking "lessons" from this act to help people/companies/biz leaders build brands or energize weak presentations seems a bit of stretch ("John Chambers Unplugged" night?). I'm glad Charlie is "enjoying himself" but is that really important in the overall scheme of things?

aluminium kozijnen

I agree this.. Thanks for sharing this links.. Very useful one.. Though this blog i have understood about media..

najem skipperja

It is sad what is happening to Charlie sheen this days.


Charlie Sheen is hilarious! However I agree with your thougths and do not understand the media.

matt ryan

Hi David,
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Maybe Brack OBamas PR would like it.
I ,am going to re-read your book and try again.
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Matt Ryan.

Scott Kindred


A nice read and something that puts a useful and uncommonly serious spin on all the spinning-about Charlie Sheen has been doing. Thank you.

"Irresistible" is the feeling I had as I found myself writing a quick post that I thought might incorporate some of the Sheen momentum... anybody else out there guilty of this? I actually got the idea from a colleague who had just written a good post about marketing and purposefully used Lady Gaga in the post's title; her hits on that post skyrocketed and she got elevated to a new level of online publishing/syndication.

I tried the same thing through using a Sheenism, Sheen-less Tips For Search Engine Submission Winners, here: http://safehouseweb.com/2011/03/sheen-less-tips-for-search-engine-submission-winners/ but didn't have nearly the same success as my colleague! Ah, the unjustness of it all...

christi masi

Do you think that Donald Trump is using Charlie Sheen's technique in his efforts lately? No one believes he is really going to run for president, but he sure has been successful in shining the media light on himself.

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