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March 23, 2011


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jerry valencia

gee, how do i do this - give away what i am good at, and make money by charging for... what???

David Meerman Scott

Jerry - the trick is to give away something of value to gain fans and sell more of something else.

I give away information on this blog, and my ebooks, and other things. I sell books and speaking engagements.

aluminium kozijnen

Your way style is too different.. Yeah its correct independent research take too much of cost compared to combined.. Thanks for this..



Proposal Software

Its unbelievable that Altimeter is not charging anything for their services. I will definitely use their services instead of paying alot of dollars to researchers, but i am afraid if they have experts relevant to my industry?

Pepe Fanjul

to drive more people to shows, the Dead allowed fans to tape concerts, exposing the music to millions.

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