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February 02, 2011


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I don't know why, but I am intimidated by Press Releases, I had just been reading about riding the Google Trend wave and putting a squidoo lens together or blog, etc., is this the same concept?


Harmony Wheeler

Reminds me of the time my school, Biola University, responded to the growing trend of LikeaLittle.com.

Richard Jurek

This is a great idea, and a great way for a nimble firm to catch whichever wave is trending --- as long as the content (it always comes back to the content, doesn't it?)is a good fit, and doesn't come across as forced or like you are hijacking the other's PR JUST for your benefit. In this case, what Richard did was additive to the conversation, which helped make it a success. Sometimes, people try these and take a quirky take on the issue, or force a comment -- and it comes out either self serving at best, or at worse, a miss-fire....kind of like (but not exactly) like the Allstate Insurance screw up with their Underwriting by Astrology press release that they had to back-track on. Well done Richard -- not only being fast to market, but spot-on and relevant, too.

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Danielle Keister

Hi Scott! Speaking of real-time leveraging, I have a question for you...

One of my clients, an entertainment law, licensing and litigation attorney, won a major victory regarding Jimi Hendrix's (yes, that Jimi Hendrix) publicity rights a couple days ago. His arguments on the opposing counsel side persuaded judge to rule Washington State's Publicity Rights Act unconstitutional which is huge. This is big in legal circles and AP picked up the story immediately and it's currently hitting the papers and airwaves.

We want to leverage this real-time exposure in his marketing to gain some traction and SEO for his website. At the same time, if we post comments to some of blogs and online newspaper sites, he doesn't want to come across as trying to influence anything.

Do you have suggestions on how we can leverage this opportunity? Phones are ringing on the hook at the moment!

David Meerman Scott


What the heck are you waiting for? This sort of news has a half life of a day or two, Get out there NOW.


Danielle Keister

We are, we are, LOL!!!! :)

We've got a press release that went out and I immediately starting tracking links to all the places that started showing up in the search engines and we're now in the process of posting his commentary to those (where allowed).

Anything else we should be doing or diving into on this?

David Meerman Scott

How about a quick 2 or 3 minute YouTube video of him explaining the implications for the decision.

Danielle Keister

Oh, great, I'm on the right track! I actually was urging him today to take a quick video of him stating his comment so I can whip it up on YouTube and his website. This new media stuff is a bit foreign to him so he's balking somewhat, but I've got him coming 'round, LOL.

By the way, here's what I did on his home page: osinskilaw.com

Do you think that's helpful at all? I wanted to have his comment there right off the bat for any reporters, etc., coming to the site.

Thanks you so much!

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