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February 13, 2011


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Dave Saunders

This would have been amazing to experience live. I wonder if any movie studios, actors, directors, etc., have tried to do this same thing.

Chris Barry

I think within two days of showing up on Twitter, Stern garnered almost 250,000 followers. His PRIVATE PARTS tweet-along was brilliant, in that fans actually participated as opposed to the one-sided limitation of recorded DVD commentaries.

Stern has always looked for ways to connect with his fans (while giving them opportunities to connect with him) and doing this made him (at least seem) accessible. Multi-multi millionaire or not, Stern understands his role and the devotion of his fan-base.

Love him or hate him - you're absolutely right David - he is the "king of all media" (a "title" originated by Stern as a self-deprecating goof).

You KNOW the filmmaking community (studio or indie) is going to latch onto this form of commentary.

Jeff selig

Yeah, Howard is the King of all Media as I pointed out in a post, 3 Social Media Marketing Tips from Howard Stern http://blog.ovrdrv.com/3-social-media-marketing-ideas-from-howard-stern/ Howard is cutting edge in humour and technological adoption. Keep up the great posts David. Great seeing you at NEDMA conference last week too.

Tony Faustino

David, it's insightful to witness the command Howard Stern has in deploying multiple media forms to his advantage. He's a creative, first mover, and first movers win in technology-driven businesses.

The other thing I respect is how A-Listers like yourself and Jeff Jarvis give Stern credit for being a savvy media practitioner.

Two people who I think don't receive more credit for their media savvy are Tina Brown of The Daily Beast and Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post. Look how their respective organizations are now being asked to revive two flagging companies (Brown-Newsweek, Huffington-AOL).

Smarts, savvy, and creativity. They've got'em in spades.

Greet Verellen

Yes, it is true Howard is the king of all media. He knows the trick, how to bind the fan followings. Your post is very nice and very informative. Thanks for sharing.


I agree with you!I wish I would have known about Howard doing that! The book and movie are both great.


Great example, David of real time. That's awesome. I think that movie is one of the best (PR) examples of a celebrity re-inventing themselves.


That incident makes Howard Stern seem more approachable as an individual.

Speed Star

Indeed Howard is the one! No doubt about it.

Timmy from Sweden

There will never be anyone more entertaining and brilliant as Howard Stern. Stern is king!

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