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February 04, 2011


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Paul Flanigan

Swing and a miss.

Love the idea. I'm tired of the GoDaddy ads.

But there are problems here.

Cloris Leachman - Unless you're over the age of 35, you have no idea who she is. (Go back to Mel Brooks movies to see her comic genius). The point of hiring Ms. Leachman is lost.

Creatively - it's too long. This could have way more impact in 60 seconds, and people would get it right away.

And I don't see the point with Leachman mocking "suits" at the end. Does that mean that NS is a bunch of suits?

But here's another problem - The keywords they have in the title and description link to Go Granny videos that are clearly not from Network Solutions.

Nice idea, not very good execution.

Peter I.

Agree with Paul on all points. This is an excellent concept that just wasn't executed well.

Aside from the obvious length, talent and keyword issues, I think the BlogHer testimonial is particularly out of place. Without getting into whether or not the BlogHer network influences anyone but other BlogHer bloggers, I just don't think the testimonial carries any message. Domains/hosting is a commodity industry at the level at which GoDaddy and Network Solutions compete so they really need to find a distinguishing attribute, preferably something that speaks to value. I don't think mommy bloggers are the key to this market.

I do really like this concept though. it's easy to imagine this as a really tight 1:30 video that a lot of people would want to share. As it stands though, I don't really think it's compelling enough to people who are put off by GoDaddy's unabashedly sexist positioning.

David Meerman Scott

Paul & Peter - thanks for jumping in. Great observations. I definitely agree with the length being too long. I stayed with it but I'm not sure how many would.

I also agree the cut to @LisaStone is jarring. I would have done that as a separate video and used it in the landing page somehow.

My guess is they are going for an "Old Spice Guy" sort of thing here. They are inviting people to a Twitter party at 3:00 eastern today. Trying to get people to talk it up.

I so hope they have Cloris Leachman lined up to respond in character to people using real-time video. That would be awesome.

Mark Harai

Hi David -- this was an entertaining watch -- however agree with the group on the effectiveness of the ad; too long, too sexy and I barely remember Cloris Leachman and I'll be 45 this month.

Maybe an effective ad to reach grandmapreneurs?

Sophia Loren would have been a better choice -- she's a bit more memorable - even for a 45 year old :)


I take it Betty White wasn't available?

David Meerman Scott

Angelo - Ha! Good one!

Mark - "grandmapreneurs" Is that something you just coined?


As far as the Marketing goes, not bad. Some humour, a success story. However, talking as a user of both resgistrars, I'm happy to see netsol desperate, they made our lives miserable back in those monopoly days ..

John White

Ms. Leachman must have Betty-White envy. What the heck? She's got nothing to lose at her age.

The fact that this was a Network Solutions completely escaped me. Parts of it are clever, but somehow it doesn't add up to much for me.

The call to action feels a bit muddy. What do they want us to do?

Dave Martin

Makes me think that Netsol is just old and vulgar and Go Daddy is young and sexy - even if the Go Daddy ads are lame...

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