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February 07, 2011


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Tony Faustino

You don't know me but I'm your brother ... Ok, I'm no Michael McDonald.

I love how the Doobie Brothers not only made this a free concert to reward their loyal fan base but also as a way to introduce new fans to their music.

They recognized they can't successfully launch this album through a shot-gun, mass media approach. Competing directly for attention with the Lady Gagas, the Justin Biebers, and U2s isn't practical at this stage of their careers.

However, they're demonstrating real marketing savvy by exploiting their niche with this type of event. Classic, long-tail marketing. Bravo!

P.S. My favorite Doobie Brothers song - "What a Fool Believes" from the Minute by Minute album.

David Meerman Scott

Tony -- you're right. When you've got a band that were at the peak of popularity decades ago, success comes from excellent marketing. And I think this is a clever approach both for the band and for Cisco.

aluminium kozijnen

REally nice album.. Its very helpful..

Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

Well this songs from this album seemed to be always on the radio this interesting launch.Thanks for great ideas

sky cards

I agree with David:

"I think this is a clever approach both for the band and for Cisco."

gatehouse academy review

Any album launch requires hard work and some ideas too,something creative...for making it a great success...Doobie Brothers launched new album using social media and teamed up with Cisco to hold a free concert broadcast via Cisco TelePresence and USTREAM,its nice..

Pepe Fanjul

That's really great that Partners AT&T provided the business exchange network communication that delivered the show live to a dozen cities and Marriott made available public suites where people can rent the technology by the hour.


Love the Doobies and all the new technology is so exciting. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Just finished your New Rules book. Following in the path of your other books, this one had great information and case studies.

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