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February 09, 2011


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Nice. I use mine to make political statements.


I guess most of the one's I have around me are in Spanish or are not adequate for sharing here. I use my twitter username on my Overdrive in conferences.

It makes it easier for me to connect with people.

Example I use @rj_c's hotspot and people when they see it usually send me a tweet opening up the opportunity to meet someone in an innovative way.

It worked greatly at @chirp and the @cmsummit last year. Will test it out next month on South By Southwest.

David Meerman Scott

Raul - Wow great idea. I've never thought of that. Thanks!


Wow, using a WiFi name is the last thing I would think of when marketing--how cool! Thanks for this post, I'm on a quest through the city this weekend to see what interesting WiFi names I can find.
--Stacey Acevero
Social Media Manager @PRWeb

David Meerman Scott

Let us know what you find, Stacey

Alexandra Janelli

You will be amazed at what you find. Over the past two years of collecting names there are moments when I think I have seen it all and then I find another WiFi name that blows my mind!

Happy WiFi hunting everyone!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for showing the way on this one Alexandra!


You won't imagine the number of funny WiFi names out there. One neighbor's WiFi is named "Twistan's Buwah Hah Hah". Needless to say, it's a locked connection.

Lucy Thorpe

Our home network is called Batville because our surname is Batstone - it sounds a bit like we live in the bat cave and I like that!

David Meerman Scott

Lucy -- I love Batvile!!

"Twistan's Buwah Hah Hah" Also fun.

Thanks for sharing

ugetme jeremy

Thanks for wifi network.. Its very useful for us.. Through this post only i know about this..

Dan Evans

Our home router is named '4 chickens and a dog'. If one of the chickens becomes dinner or we add a dog I'll need to adjust, but for now it works and the kids think its fun. Who knew...

David Meerman Scott

Dan - '4 chickens and a dog' - Terrific!!


Great post! Would be an interesting way to market...

Personally, I've seen ones like 'The Batcave' and 'Jake and the Fat Mat'.


I don't know of any funny ones, but this made me laugh out loud! So cheers to wireless funny people!



Much like radio advertising for things you can't access while you're driving, I wonder if WiFi SSID spaces are "branding" opportunities.

They may be visible, they may raise a chuckle, but seconds after clicking it, you're doing what you really wanted to do. It's a one time thing, it cost nothing, there's no residual stickiness (IMO, at least).

If an impression falls in the forest, is there a sound at all?


For @CapozzisNYDeli, how about BestReubenEvah!

Amy Spitko

2 names near my house:

Casa de Filth

Amy Spitko

I knew I forgot one!


David Meerman Scott

Amy -- I love those! Especially the last one! Thanks so much.

khuyen mai

They may be visible, they may raise a chuckle, but seconds after clicking it, you're doing what you really wanted to do.

Lori Grannis

So if you were launching a product in a single city (for ease of discussion here) just what would you do to further your message? What are the steps?

Lori Grannis

Sorry, what are the steps for creating this messaging all over the city using this editable SSID space?

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