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January 05, 2011


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Ricardo Bueno

Not so sure it was intentional but pretty darn clever indeed :-)


And now the #1 Google result for 'big house outside of Boston' is this blog post. Well done, David!

David Meerman Scott

Scott, that was not my intention but it is interesting!! Thanks for letting me know.


It's funny: finding a real estate agent with a good internet strategy is tough to find but worth their weight in gold. We found our dream house with the REALTOR app on the iPhone and snapped it up before it hit any newspaper listings or open houses. It wasn't up more than a few days. THen our problem? What do we do with our old house -- and in this market? We selected an agent that could verbalize a strong sales strategy, that also included a social media/web/email strategy. He sold our house in three weeks. It can be done...although Shaq's story just blows my mind!

Sean Carpenter

David - A great example of real time marketing blending with the psychology of how people search to having the right hose at the right time for that listing agent.

As a Director of Training for a large real etstate brokerage in Ohio, this will be a great article to show agents the power of search and the importance of multiple photos, detailed property descriptions, links to local services and features and hopefully video on their site.

Shaq didn't say anything about it in his video but my guess is once he found the eventual link to the "big home outside of Boston" he found valuable information, saw multiple photos and was able to contact the agent - who hopefully responded quickly, i.e. "real time."

Thanks for sharing this.



I think this is just another example of how savvy buyers are, and how old school businesses need to change.

Look at how consumers buy new cars nowadays. They are very informed, they know what they want, and the dealer has to be media-savvy or they lose the sale.

In B2B marketing we're finding the same thing--the sales process has to change and adapt because the buyer is informed.

Oh, and I'm still hoping for a Shaq sighting at Sudbury Farms!


Shhh! I don't want my competition to find out. I just started to understand how important that is, and I'm amazed with the results.


He should have just Google 'Shack for Shaq'. Thanks for the post. I had a good giggle.

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