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January 17, 2011


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Larry McGlynn

This is an amazing example of cross over marketing. After viewing this auction, there are many items that have even landed on the Moon or were critical pieces of hardware for a lunar mission. While those lots may appeal to the space travel collector, the Playboy calender appeals to all sorts of different collectors as a pop icon.

The way the word was spread using the Internet is, to me, interesting, amazing and educational.

Rich Jurek

Thanks for your profile on this amazing auction, David. It was a heck of a lot of fun to watch and to participate in. The new rules of marketing were employed by RR Auction, and worked -- in lightening fast speed, and with amazing results. DeDe realized phenomenal results: and from a marketing perspective, also achieved the goal...she drove traffic. LOTS OF TRAFFIC. So much so that DeDe, while beating the estimate on where she would go, also helped many, many other lots realize record results. The knock-off effect of the DeDe media coverage expanded the pool of global bidders and collectors of this material by a dramatic number, and bidding was healthy across all lots...and not just the space porn. ;-)

As sometimes happens with a "run away" press hook, like DeDe, that item becomes the focus to the detriment of the other items. That didn't happen here. And that, as a marketer, is a VERY thrilling result and lesson.

David Meerman Scott

Congratulations on the high price achieved in the auction, Rich!

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