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January 21, 2011


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Sean Carpenter

You're right. That is easily one of my favorite albums. Great observations on the takeaways of this exclusive offering.

Account Deleted

Whenever I read David's posts on the Grateful Dead's marketing strategies I more often than not see a way to apply the same strategy to my industries of focus ... and here is one idea .... HOLIDAY COMPANIES who move 100's thousands of holidaymakers around the world every year .... get real time feedback from a massive fan base and let them help you craft your new brochures and selecting your new destiniations.

New hotels taken into your portfolios could have real time feed back on images, videos that would be preferred to be seen in the marketing literature ... plus your fans could indicate their interest in a holiday at the hotel and perhaps even place an option on a booking.

How much less would that cost in research for giving away a few holidays as a trade off for valuing your customer opinions.

REAL ESTATE developers could benefit too ... look forward to your comments

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Sean.

Jonathan -- absolutely. When I write about the Grateful Dead, it is always with the idea that it can be applied to any business. Thanks for expanding on that.

Jeanne Brown

We were fortunate to have Brian speak at ITSMA's conference for IT & Services Marketers this fall...a group with a complex B2B sales cycle, very different from a B2C marketing audience. However, Brian spoke on fundamental truths--like those listed above--that apply to all marketers, and got a great reaction from the crowd.

Here's a quick recap: http://www.itsma.com/ezine/focus-thought-leadership-on-customers-needs/

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