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January 12, 2011


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Tim  Ludy

I share your story often how they utilized the blogesphere to introduce the park. Being a fan of the books my family is looking forward to visiting the park. Sure beats shoveling 2'+ of snow! 1/12/11


I was at Island of Adventure last week and the line to just get into HP World was over 40 minutes long at 10am! The place was so heaving, most of the shops were inaccessible and the Forbidden Journey ride line was over 2 hours! I've never seen anything like it - excellent marketing!!!

David Meerman Scott

It's amazing isn't it, Justforeverme? I'm glad I got in so easily.

Adele Revella

Tell me that isn't real snow on the rooftops.

Tracy L. Murray

What a smart idea and a special treat for those most engaged in the brand! Hope you get home soon David.

David Meerman Scott

Adele - While it was very cold (38 F), that was movie effect snow. Looks great.

Thanks Tracy - on my way home in a few hours.

Harmony Wheeler

Just goes to show that it's better to target the bloggers that fit the niche best and have the most followers rather than put all your efforts into pitching to as many bloggers as possible without making sure your pitch lines up with the blogs you pitch to.

As far as catering to those who spend the most money such as hotel guests, it's a brilliant idea. Disney has something similar that allows certain guests into certain areas of the park before it opens to the public. They also have special seating and other benefits for AAA customers.

David Meerman Scott

Harmony - Seems so simple. Give your best customers something special. But so many don't. Phone companies give the best deals to new customers.

Kelly Monaghan

Folks might also want to know that guests at the Universal resort hotels can use their key cards to get front of the line access to ALL rides at both theme parks (Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure) all day long.

The cards are valid from the day you check in to park closing on the day you check out. You can check in at 6am if you want (they'll hold your bags) get your keys and head straight to the parks.

And next time you head down there insist that they put you up at Portofino Bay. Waaay nicer than Royal Pacific.

And give me a heads up and I'll send along a copy of my book "Universal Orlando: The Ultimate Guide" as a way of saying "thanks" for all the value I've gotten from your books and your New Rules Series. I'm rereading "Get Seen" now, while escaping the snow in Buenos Aires.

Ah, the 4HWW lifestyle! :-)

Christina Pappas


You took the words out of my mouth with your comment 'new customers get the best deals'. You are right that people receive the best deals and treatment when they are 'new'. Most of the new companies I worked with in 2010 have suddenly increased their rates and wont budge (I may just stink at negotiating a good deal but still!).

Give em the good stuff to get them to sign-up, then treat them like everyone else because they came back. Doesnt seem too logical when you say it out loud (or write it, in this case). Huh?

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