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January 10, 2011


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Aaron Wrixon

Their ebook is great... But I feel like I'm breaking copyright laws just by reading it. I hope when DC, Disney and the rest send out the cease-and-desist letters they remember that the company is now called INgage Networks.

Courtney Wiley

Appreciate you posting this eBook, David. The rebrand was a lot of hard work, but when you have the right people in place, anything can happen. And we've proven that. :) Hopefully others can learn from our challenges and will find the eBook an easy read. Thanks again!

Mark C. Webster

Came here to post what Aaron said. This guide is interesting, but I'd have doubts about a marketing agency that stomped all over copyrighted works like they did in this ebook, all used without permission and/or attribution. Mixing DC and Marvel comic properties makes it that much worse. Looking forward to "How to Redesign an Infringing eBook in 6 Hours!"

David Meerman Scott

Aaron and Mark - I didn't even think of the copyright issues. Thanks for pointing that out.

I'm sure that people from INgage Networks are reading the comments...

Bob James

Holy massive lawsuits, Batman!


I've been through rebranding so many times with different companies and clients so I was curious to see what tips they would have in this eBook. I have to say I was disappointed to find it more of a case study then useful tips on working through the naming process, logo selection, outlining all the steps to a rebrand. I guess that gives me a good idea for a blog post...


Yes, David, we sure are reading the comments. All valid points due to an oversight on our part. We started out having some fun recounting our experiences, and then realized there were valuable lessons to be shared. The goal was simply to share those lessons in an engaging format. Regretfully, eagerness took over and we overlooked the fact that the rules change when you cross the line between internal fun and external publishing. Rest assured that we are taking this seriously and have removed other links to the PDF while we work on resolution.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Kristi -- the ebook is very valuable. I hope you can continue to share.

Shane Petty

Looks like the Rebranding white paper has been removed from the site.


You can't have anything. Can someone share the paper? I promise I will use it for personal and profesional growth, and now a billion dollar lawsuit ..

David Meerman Scott

Sorry, the ebook has been pulled while they work on a new version. More soon I hope.


Thanks to you and your readers, David, for your understanding. We have removed the eBook while we work on revisions and estimate that we'll have a 'new and improved' version within the next 30 days. At that time, we'll look forward to sharing this resource once again. If anyone would like additional updates, please connect with me on Twitter and I'll be sure to keep you informed.

Nick Clute

Looking forward to reading the eBook when you are allowed to put it back out. Just followed you on twitter and have downloaded another eBook of INgage to keep me company while I wait. Now if only my new tablet would arrive so I can read in style!

David Meerman Scott

Revised ebook is now available.


I’m happy to say that the ‘new and improved’ edition of our eBook has been posted and is now available for download via the links above.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We apologize for the timing delay, but in hindsight it is all for the better. Lessons learned, and in the end, a much better result. Enjoy the eBook.

seo richmond

Wow, thanks for the resources David! I still open up Duct Tape Marketing from time to time when I'm thinking "what am I missing here that could help me grow my business." I've considered rebranding several times and just recently redid my website. Since most of my business is based on my site, it was kinda like rebranding for me! Thanks again for the seemingly never-ending stream of amazing information.

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