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January 13, 2011


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Mark Copeman

David - this looks excellent... looking forward to digesting.

Just spotted a typo on the first line of page 3 you may want to get corrected.

Not sure if it's too late to wish you happy new year - but I'm going to do it anyway..!

Best wishes,

Jackie Schwark

Thank you David for providing this information. I am going to start reading today!

Jackie Schwark

Tony Faustino

I love the Agilent Technologies case study on how they used blogging to increase their page-one Google rankings.

Research shows ~95% of consumers stop looking after the first two pages of search results (e.g., the top 20 results). And, this abandonment doesn't vary much by the search engine used (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo).

If you earn the coveted #1 spot for your specific industry terms, that's even better. The #1 slot wins ~35% of the traffic.

Way to go Agilent! The PR opportunities and online visibility from their blogging shows why Facebook and Twitter aren't sending blogging to an early grave.

Keith Jennings

Great ebook! I really connected with Putnam Investment takeaway: use multiple marketing channels.

It's so easy to get comfortable with your "go-to" channels, and quit exploring new ways to connect with people. I'm guilty as charged.

I love your line: "People...want to hear how other marketers or businesses have created something interesting..." So true.

Thank you for sharing this, David!

bhp poznań

very interesting article, i've always wanted to write my own blog but i don't have much time


For certain products and services, I rely on reviews (word of mouth) or testimonials of others to decide if I am going to buy it. I love reading case studies though because I rather read what a company has done for someone esle rather than what they plan to do. Thanks for the recommendation on the ebook. Time to download it.

Invention Marketing

It is very good discussion overhear marketing is a way of success.there are very bright feature in marketing.it is a really good story of success.

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