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December 03, 2010


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This was just made by some guys, nothing to do with Purell.

Amber Avines

Wow, David, this is great! Talk about being on the ball. Kudos to whomever is managing advertising for Purell.

Thanks for sharing this. A perfect example of being nimble enough to seize opportunities in real-time!

Amber @wordsdonewrite


That's awesome. Was wondering if you've also checked out Troyshair on twitter. I can't figure out if it's part of the procter and gamble campaign or not. Waiting to see if they are clever enough to integrate.


That's really brilliant.
Very clever indeeed.

Thomas Brian Rose

Great video!
David, do you have some sort of website list of companies whose sites best reflect a comprehensive use of the new rules? Top 10 or 20 etc. Thanks in advance.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Thomas

You can always take a look at the case studies section of this blog.



I never seen such these types of video in my whole life. Really a great video from NASA.

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