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December 27, 2010


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Tim Johnson

The next time you go to Fargo or Duluth or West Nowhere and you get stick for it, remind those naysayers that you get more satisfaction from meeting good people. And there's good people most everywhere.

Thanks for the post.

(BTW: I've been stuck on 45 for a while)

Tony Faustino

This post reinforces how there's always an opportunity to do something personally meaningful for ourselves during business travel. I will be conducting a lot of business travel to North Chicago in 2011, and initially all I could think about was the drudgery of extended snow delays at O'Hare Airport from January to March.

Now, my attitude is changing. I have a number of lifelong friends in Chicago-land that I've been meaning to reconnect with. It will take a little extra planning on my part, but it will be so worth it. Also, I have five to six business books already on my 2011 study list. If I'm delayed, now I'll use that time inside Terminal K for some additional reading time.

Thanks for reminding me that business travel is what you make of it.

Melissa Paulik

I'm glad you enjoyed Fargo. I came here about twelve years ago to work for a software company that was subsequently acquired by Microsoft. I left MSFT in 2005 but stuck around. I do freelance marketing now. My customers are all in places like Seattle, Chicago and Boston, but I've never really found a reason to leave.

You came at the right time too. We've been having a mild winter. You haven't felt nothing till you've felt 40 below. (actually I contend that you don't feel much past -17)


A running joke in my life has been along these lines: "You mean people really live in North Dakota?" Kudos to you, David, for stretching the limits of "acceptable" gigs and not caving to some tempatation to relegate yourself to only select venues. When I attain the plataeu of demand that you have (and I hope I do!) it will be one of my stipulations to never be elitist or overly discriminating with the speaking opportunities that come my way. Keep up the good work and have a great and profitable New Year.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks so much for these comments. I'm so glad that you agree with me about getting out there!!

Tim - Damned right. I love what I do. I wonder if that can be said about those who are critical of my strange journeys and interests.

Tony - If you're in Chicago in early August, go to Lollapalooza. Go all three days. I've been the last two years!

Melissa - Everyone I met said that they love Fargo and wouldn't leave. That says a lot.

Bobby - I think my approach to gigs has been essential to what I have been able to accomplish. If I only did the "acceptable" gigs, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Happy 2011 to you all.

Tim Johnson


It really irks me when people from neither coast are referred to as "Fly Over People." Congratulations for not only being open about new venues and experiences but crowing about it.



Thanks for visiting and speaking in Fargo-Moorhead! And congrats on your 50th state! We get that a lot...even Alaska and Hawaii get done before ND! :) Love your thoughts on donating time and trying new experiences...nice post.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Tim & Brian. I really enjoyed my time with the group.

Digital Media

"some of the best new material will come from the most unlikely sources"

This is true with any business, I've been in very random places that granted me the opportunity to meet some very interesting and eventually valuable people. Either being a direct connection or offing referrals to connections. One of my favorite quotes was overheard at a networking event recently: "You can't sit at home and wonder why your life isn't going anywhere." The more you get out, the more you help others, the more it comes back to you!


Being from Fargo I and a lot of this community appreciated your story.... It has spread around Fargo like wild fire!

Kind regards,
Rick Rea

David Craig

Great post David. I started doing a simple little blog/podcast for high school marketing education teachers/students (DECA) in Georgia in October 2010 (www.pathsinmarketing.wordpress.com). I interview marketing practitioners to show the teachers/students what a career in marketing could actually look like. It's early, but it's been fun so far. I'm sure I'll be referencing some your posts as I further develop the blog. Thanks for your insights.

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