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November 29, 2010


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Oliver Cheatham

It is amazing to see the increased use of the internet and its influence reshape a country like Japan. How there is a successful woman entrepreneur now. The internet is not just an advancement in technology or a new way to communicate, it is revolutionary as well. This all goes back to the key points in your book 'The New Rules of Marketing and PR'. We have to learn to speak the new language of social media. We are entering a new world. If we enter the new world speaking our old language, no one will understand us. I love seeing marketing change and grow. It just adds to the excitement of the game.


One of the strategy today is to use social media sites to reach your target market. In fact, social media marketing is the latest trend when it comes to advertising.

I also love to share on how to update all social networks in the easiest way. It is truly a time saver. It is the easiest way to communicate to your customers. you can update all your social network all at once.

Thanks. Keep going

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