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November 09, 2010


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Alfian Che

what u doin in port dickson yo? i in kl!


Dear David,

I agree, The real time speed of the tweet content can be to fast so now and then.
(just like life itself ;-) )

Can I suggest /or add that a slide rule per column with which you can control its content speed would be perfect..

Kind regards,


Hi, David, from the other side of the world. What you suggest can easily be done on TweetGrid -- i.e., slow down the flow of tweets by column. They've had that feature for quite a while. So, in this respect, TweetDeck is behind the times. I use this feature often when I'm watching popular hashtags (like a live event). Yep, sometimes firehoses just have to be turned down!


Hi David!
Idoya Maté, from Spain. I'm currently reading your book (the new rules...) 4 a master in corporate communication at the Instituto the Empresa.I found it so challenging that I decided to follow u on a closer approach.
For the moment, I'm gonna check tweetdeck. I'm newby with tweeter...

David Meerman Scott

Hello Idoya - Thanks for reading my stuff! Good luck implementing the ideas.

Are you reading my book in English or Spanish?


In English, but i don't know if it is translated to Spanish. And depiste being in english it is easy reading, so I can enjoy it much more.

Kathryn Korostoff

So let's use Tweetdeck to leverage Twitter as a leanrning tool! I am going to be experimenting with Twitter as a learning medium by hosting the first ever Twitterversity--a day long learning event hosted entirely on Twitter (Topic: Learning Market Research). My colleagues and I will be releasing 117 mini-lessons (yes, under 140 characters each) on Jan 11. It is a bit of an experiment--can Twitter be an effective instructional medium? We'll know soon! http://www.researchrockstar.com/mrxu/


Well, I am agree that Twitter is best learning tool. Twitter marketing is a very effective way to generate traffic to your content and create an online presence in the fastest time.

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Of course Twitter is great way to reach our goal.. Though this tool we can promote our website.. If we share that time we can use in English only.. That one is good compared to other languages.. Nowadays Twitter is best marketing tool compared to others..

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