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November 11, 2010


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Dan Schawbel

I'm not surprised and am very happy for you. NY Times next week hopefully?

Max Faast

I wonder how much does it costs to edit and publish a book?

Melissa Mines

Well-earned,certainly.While it's only been out for a little bit, I am finding it a ready-reference. thanks always for your insight, ebooks (http://www.davidmeermanscott.com/documents/Real_Time.pdf) and real-time candor.


Fantastic! Well deserved.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks so much!! This has been an exciting day.

Max - no clue. I publish with Wiley.

gary ambrosino

David, congratulations !! I knew it was a hot book when people I know ( and a few I don't know) sent me copies of the book ! They went to good use - - my team at Timetrade now all have one.

David Siteman Garland

Congrats, David. Well deserved!

Kelly Monaghan

You're welcome!

Still making my way through the book.

My days are a constant struggle between: "Keith Richards or David Meerman Scott? David Meerman Scott or Keith Richards?"

I tell you, it's hell in here.

Sergei Samoilenko

Thank you, David for being a very nice guy and teacher.

Steve Johnson

Congratulations on your success. I have read and recommended the book to hundreds of folks in our product management seminars.

Keep up the good work.

Remco Janssen

Congratulations! I would have actually been really surprised if the book didn't rock the charts, 'cause from what I have seen now in the preview it SHOULD rock the charts.

Thanks for making our jobs as PR folk a lot easier :-).

David Meerman Scott

David, Sergei, Gary, and Remco - thanks so much for your support and for spreading the word about my book(s). I appreciate it.

Kelly - definitely Keith. I just finished it and loved it. Great book.

Brian Kardon

Well deserved, David! Your "real-time" ideas continue to both inspire us and make us think differently about how we do our jobs everyday. Thank you

John O'Hara

Hi David, I pre-ordered your new book from Amazon in September and it was put in my hands by my local postman about 30 minutes ago. I absolutely loved your previous book the 'New Rules of Marketing and PR'. I read it 6 times and highlighted loads of things in it. I learned so many things that I have since applied to my business. It really is a ground-breaking book in my humble opinion. When I heard that you had written yet another book, I pre-ordered it immediately. It's on my desk right now as I write this comment and I can't wait to stick my nose in it. I won't be able to do that though until this evening when I leave the office. Still...I can't resist having a sneaky peak. I know it will totally ROCK! Thank you for inspiring me and for your insights. You truly deserve the accolades that have already been bestowed upon you and your new book. I will now go and grab myself a nice cup of tea (I'm from the UK, can't you tell?) and then I might just have to flick through a few of the pages. All the very best!

Joe Chernov

You earned it David. Write something great, people buy it, people recommend it, more people buy it. Best seller. Just the way it should work. -Joe

Juan Bastos

Congratulations from Colombia, South America. I'm really engaged with your books and posts, and you can't imagine how helpful they have been during the period of my new business startup.

David Meerman Scott

Brian and Joe -- thanks so much for your support of me and the book. I appreciate it.

John - six times? Wow. That's amazing. Hope you like the new one as much!

Nettie Hartsock

Bravo! Great book, great author and wonderful to be on those lists!


Congratulations! I am reading this book when I am commuting on train. It's easy to read for non native speaker, and I am really enjoying to read it. Thank you for the great work!

Dr. Terrence Brown

Picked the book up last week in the airport. Finished on the plane. I have been telling everybody I know, in between my downloading of Tweetdeck ;-).

Congrats on your success!


Congratulations! Definitely Well Deserved! :)

Rico Glover

I love your common sense approach on this hard subject. My iPhone has your audible books. Just purchased Real Time (hard back copy, when will audible version be released) and mentioned it several times on my blog. Thanks again hard work.

Tony Rodriguez

Dear David:

Blog this, facebook that, tweet this. My head is swimming with information and thoughts from your book New Rules of Marketing & PR. With a limited budget and yours truly as the head of all departments I hope I can put together a FREE marketing and exposure plan after reading your book. I am starting a new company Anthony's Own, that will manufacture a line of dessert liqueurs. I am starting this company to put resources away for my special needs son Daniel. I am also commited to special need adults so I will donate 50 cents for every bottle sold to special adult causes. I am a firefighter in Americas most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago, as noted in the Huffington Post. I have battled fires, blindly searched for victims in the silent void of emptyness and have arrived in the midst of gang violence to provide medical assisitance (ever see a real knife fight, I have). Yet I find starting this business the most scary and confusing thing I have ever done. I am looking for advice and comments from you or anyone who reads this comment.

You said in your book to come and visit your blog so here I am. This book has opened a whole new world for me!

Rusty Cawley, APR

Reading it this weekend, and will blog about it soon. You are saying something every CEO needs to hear. They've got to get comfortable with communicating in real time.

David Meerman Scott

Kiyo - you were the first person to read "New Rules" in Japan in 2007 and now one of the first to read "Real Time" - thanks!

Dr. Brown - so happy to hear that the airport bookstores are stocking it.

Nettie, Rusty, Cassie - thanks!

Rico - I'm told it the audio version should be within two weeks. Sorry for the delay.

Tony - Thanks for reading. I do believe that creating great content on the web is an excellent way to get noticed for any company or any type of product. Your challenge will be to balance how you talk about your products (the drinks) with you personally (firefighter / special needs people in your life). You should be clear up front to what you want to do. Are you selling liquor? Or selling a story about you? Good luck with it.

Ricardo Bueno

Congratulations David! Well deserved. Looking forward to reading it!

Tony Rodriguez

Message recieved David.

I'm selling dessert liqueurs.
I'll leave the Hemingway stuff out of this part of my life.

As noted on page 64, monitor the blogs.

Renato Sa

David, congrats! Can't wait to read it. Do you know when the audiobook version will be available?



You are welcome! It is probably a bit effusive to say that if you write it, then it's going to be good, but that is why I bought the book.

And, as with all your stuff, I am able to "pay it forward" to my clients and send them your way. Thank you for the valuable content.

Jure Kodzoman

Hi David!

I read your book New Rules of Management and PR, which I liked a lot. Some things inside are really interesting and you make a good point. I also recommend reading it to anyone doing anything online.

One thing bothered me though. An example of a Lithuanian company success story. I tried to explain what I think is wrong with these few paragraphs in our blog:


Thanks for your answer, and once again: nice book (will be getting the new one too :)


Ever book seems to get better and is perfectly timed. Each year I present a seminar with retailers in Orlando about marketing and last Friday I spoke about sharing their "brand" online in real-time. I included your site, blog, and books as great resources. Thanks David for all that you do!

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