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November 18, 2010


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I think it's an interesting concept (and I'll download it to my iPad now) but I wonder how likely it is that anyone in the media would actually download an app to their mobile device to follow a company.
I can see it for industry analysts who might follow 8-10 companies closely - then it could be worthwhile, but I can't imagine too many journalists or bloggers being willing to invest the effort. The exception might be for mega companies (Apple has lots of fanboys in the media who would quickly download their media app). But for 99% of the companies out there, it's not going to happen.
Now, I'm all in favor of making your content mobile accessible. I think optimizing your media room for mobile (using HTML 5 and using a mobile-friendly design). But a standalone app? I'm not sold on this one.

David Meerman Scott

I wonder the same thing Barry.

I do agree that making the corporate site mobile friendly is important.

I'd like for a corporate to try it and see what the result is.

Susan Gunelius

Very cool, David!

Larry Schwartz

David - As President of Newstex, we were happy to assist in building out the "plumbing" for your mobile app.

I'll join in the debate about media rooms and company apps - the new online is mobile and apps. Offline is becoming the web as we know it today. Web page views are heading down and app usage is heading up.

A company concerned about their branding should and will build an app targeted to their customers, prospects and vendors. This could include the media room but also product demos, etc.

We have a Newstex app we use for this purpose - it allows us to demo our products (Feeds) and promote our blog to great success.

I don't think this is a one size fits all solution, but smart companies are developing apps to brand themselves on mobile just like they did on the web 10 years ago.


I had the same initial reaction as @Graubart, David. I've been checking out a lot of the apps lately from news sites, social media sites and corporations -- few are extraordinary. The biggest piece missing, IMHO: these apps make it hard to share content from the app. If I'm on the road and have a minute to read a blog post, I'd like to be able to share it or save it in some way. The WSJ did a good job with theirs, and Ragan.com's iPhone app is also quite good. Just downloaded yours and will check it out. All said, I think you are right -- there is a lot of potential. Kudos for being the first A-List guy I've seen produce an app.

David Meerman Scott

Very cool that we have a debate going on here about the wisdom of doing an application for PR purposes. Thanks all.

Matthew Friedel

I applaud David for launching his new app! This is the FUTURE!

In 2010 my business Jam-Mobile.com built many custom iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry apps for business to business media companies, business to consumer companies, and political candidates. The results have been amazing.

This spring we developed and built the first political iPhone / iPad app in Wisconsin history for Governor Elect Scott Walker. The content rich app includes Scott’s real-time press release feed, Tweets, YouTube Videos, FaceBook posts, Bio, and Stance on the issues. Additionally the app allows supporters the ability to contribute, get involved, and request additional information.

Organizations, businesses, and individuals that can connect with customers and clients in a new innovative way will win and grow in the new economy. Apps are the new platform to do this.

After reading David’s book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, I started writing a blog specifically around helping businesses and organizations understand apps and the potential benefits. The posts are culmination of learning’s from launching many successful apps for clients.

App blog: http://www.jam-mobile.com/app-blog.html

Past Posts:
- Would my business benefit from a Blackberry, Android, or iPhone App?
- What type of App should my Business Have? How do you leverage your existing business and port to the mobile space?
- How do I can I calculate Return on Investment (ROI) for my Mobile App Project?
- Examples of successful app launches.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for jumping in Matthew. I'll check out your blog.

Stan Dubin

The Ap may or may not deliver on its promise as far as PR and media outlets go, but I believe it has real promise from you to your consuming public. I'll download the AP and check in from time to time to see your updates, videos, etc. It's just another way of staying in communication.

Aps are getting more ubiquitous every day. I recently signed up for a podcast account with a podcasting site and part of the paltry monthly subscription fee includes an iPhone Ap that they create for you based on your podcast feed. You can then supply a few more items of content (ideally unique to the Ap) to give extra incentive for your public to download the Ap and you're in like flint. (an expression that could easily date someone)

Anyway, an iPhone (or iPad, Android, etc.) Ap is simply another way to get communication delivered and if it's really snazzy, it could even go viral on its own steam.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for following me Stan!

Gail Sideman

I'll also be watching this and how it works for you, David. My biggest challenge when considering an ap for my own business is what to provide that makes my offerings different and more valuable than others. I do see the value of an individual or brand using it to provide the most current information available to consumers and media.

Congrat's, and thanks for paving the way.

Pablo Edwards

Thanks David. Sounds like it is well worth getting on the iPad.

Dee Rambeau

Great continued work David. It's always exciting to be on the "leading edge." As you and I discovered back in '04(?) when you were writing about our DVCO MediaRoom for EContent, the question was whether would lead to wide-spread usage and/or monetization. So for this discussion, it's a no-brainer for companies like PR Newswire and others that already "distribute and aggregate" content to add new, innovative ways to do that. We're not worried about necessarily monetizing an app like that, but merely creating additional value for our existing channels. The "app" is an extension of current, existing behavior...

I look forward to usage results...and hopefully to seeing you in Vegas in January!


Lisa Kemper

Thanks, I'll have to try out the new app.

Martin Smith

Yours isn't just a mobile app, it is one of the best I've seen and we have a couple of guys in our shop that do nothing but churn out mobile apps. I think you are, once again, ahead of the curve.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Martin. I appreciate that.

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