Hell no will I give you my phone number

Posted by David Meerman Scott 01:27 AM on November 22, 2010

Shutterstock_dating Guy goes up to someone he finds attractive at a bar and first thing out of his mouth is: "Give me your phone number."

Girl sees someone she finds interesting at the local coffee emporium and starts the conversation off with: "How much money do you make?"

If you're a famous celebrity or amazingly hot this approach might work. However for mere mortals, you're not likely to get too far in dating world acting like this.

Yet this is exactly how many companies behave.

They require personal information including an email address and phone number before sending you a white paper.

They have inane "contact us" forms requiring you to reveal intimate details like how many employees work at your company before you can speak with a human.

The next time you have to design a marketing strategy, think about how you would approach it if you were trying to date the buyer.

Image: Shutterstock / Edw

David Meerman Scott

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