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November 04, 2010


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Tony Faustino

David, I learn so much from your eBooks and your real-time manifesto case studies in this eBook make your points about real-time product development as the next wave of the future so much clearer to me now. In particular, the example of the Omniture webinar title testing example hit close to home because my organization has been working to promote its thought leadership by conducting webinars. We've also noticed the impact on attendee registrations depending on the title we used. Trigger points, context, and follow-up speed will forever change how products and services are marketed and sold.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Tony. Glad that you're doing Webinar title testing!

Robert Dorsey

And I thought I was 10 years behind the times 10 years ago. And look how far we have come now.

Tony Faustino

You practice what you preach because you responded to my comment in less than 30 minutes (late on a Saturday evening no less)! But, that's why I and so many loyal readers keep coming back to WebInkNow and purchase your books.

David Meerman Scott

Tony, I'm in Malaysia at a speaking gig so it was morning for me. But yes, I did respond in real-time! Thanks for noticing.


This is the natural evolutionary outcome of a process that started with a new way to slip brochures under people’s doors. These all things are great to know about it.

Dog crates

But, that's why I and so many loyal readers keep coming back to WebInkNow and purchase your books.

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Nice read. Knowing about transformation of the website into a real time marketing machine was very interesting. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for this.

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