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November 30, 2010


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C.C. Chapman

Thanks for being part of this book from the very beginning! Your support and guidance is always appreciated and your friendship means the world to me.

Tony Faustino

Thank you for this timely reminder of the release of Content Rules. I'm a huge Anne Handley Fan, and a Premium Member of MarketingProfs because of the outstanding educational content her team creates for marketing professionals of all levels. I first remember learning about Content Rules from reading Anne's June 2010 post from Annarchy. I immediately added it to my Amazon Wish List months ago. Please excuse me now as I hustle over to Amazon to seal the deal. Congratulations Anne and CC! I can't wait to start studying what I know will be a valuable resource in my marketing library.

Ann Handley

Thank you, David! We couldn't have done it without you. Or done it as well, for that matter.


Glad to see other marketers and authors are picking up where you left off and continuing the dialog.

You are what you publish - and you seem to have a great balance between promotion and valuable content.

Keep up the good work

Maurice Verrelli

David Meerman Scott

Tony and Maurice - Thank you. It really is a great book - hope you like it.

Ann & C.C. -- Enjoy this time! Your first book only comes out once.

Amber Avines

David, I'm expecting my copy of Content Rules to arrive in the mail any day. If it's half as valuable as I've found your books to be, I'm gonna love it.

Amber @wordsdonewrite

David Gordon Schmidt

Look forward to reading it. I've been a B2B "content guy" since before the internet, and it's very exciting what you can do now with targeting and disseminating good information, as a key marketing tool. Hopefully, you discuss the new "content farms" with keyword-laden, plaigerized-but-altered-enough content on quasi-educational sites designed merely to provide in-bound links...i.e. the difference between this practice and building a true information network and coalition.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Amber.

David -- you're right about those crap content farms. I hate them.

Oliver Cheatham

Sounds like it'll be a great book. I'll order it today. Seems like it'll be a great book to recommend to my clients.

Another reason why I enjoy following your blog David. Thanks

Christina Pappas

This is a book I cannot wait to read!! I, like a majority of marketers, know there is value in producing great content (and not that regurgitated gobbledygook stuff) but its not easy! After trying out copywriters, struggling to come up with topics and then actually write the stuff (once I figured out it was better to come from me) is a daily challenge for me.

LaTonya Johnson

Hi David-

Awesome post! I am definitely going to purchase the book, and follow the authors more closely. THank you for the referral.

Michelle Golden

Really looking forward to reading this book. Huge Ann & C.C. fans, and love what you're doing with the series. Thanks for all you do to improve our content world! :)


Huge congrats to Ann and C.C. (and David!). Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.


Congratulations Ann and C.C.

And thanks David for the book series - the content of which rules too!

Tendering Software

Congrats to Ann and C.C for this book issue. The books subject is great. This is the common issue today that how should our content be for the blogs etc. Have you also written how to get more traffic to our blogss..?

aluminium kozijnen

Congrats.. I will read that content rules book.. Thanks for sharing this book..

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