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November 15, 2010


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Heidi Cohen

David (and Ben),

Thank you for sharing these insights about IBM. It shows that social media marketing isn't something that just small mom and pop companies do. But rather social media marketing done well should be integrated into the fabric of the organization. Further, it's not just limited to a "social media" person or department.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Heidi - what struck me about Ben's example at IBM is that half the company are involved. It is not just some pocket like the PR department.

Jorge Conceicao (Portugal)

David, who'd imagine? IBM using Inbound Marketing! Time has definitively changed! We really have to move fast in a completely different direction!

Very good input!

Tony Faustino

David, did you have an opportunity to ask Mr. Edwards why he thinks IBM's Media Relations Department didn't respond to your email-inquiry re: communication processes at IBM to embrace the real-time digital era? According to page 25 of your Real-Time eBook, IBM was one of the Fortune 100 Companies that did not provide a response.

In a company the size of IBM, I understand that Mr. Edwards can't speak for every division but I was just curious. Based on this interview, it's obvious IBM embraced social media and inbound marketing much faster than other Fortune 100 corporations. That's why it's surprising IBM's Media Relations Team didn't take the opportunity to demonstrate their pro-activeness in real-time initiatives also (if they indeed are).

David Meerman Scott

Tony - I did not ask Ben. But he did see the research because I shared it in my presentation. So he is aware of my analysis.

Kenny Madden

Outbound and inbound marketing. The IT buyer prefers inside marketing :) :) :)

Account Deleted

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Really nice article. Outbound Marketing is the kind of marketing are more sellers learned with our first gig out of college or the type of marketing that have been exposed to more advertising media such paper or television commercial up.Traditional offer a very low yield on investment and once the notice expires, you must start from scratch.

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