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October 28, 2010


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David Stott

"Like it or not, every move you make in the digital world is being recorded"

This may be true, but a less ominous perspective is that consumers and marketers are engaging in a valid exchange of value. In exchange for tidbits of personal data, marketers will use my data responsibly, applying technology available today to give me exactly (or close to) what matters to me. The 'more' I disclose, the 'better' (relevant, personalized, etc.) the exchange. We have a ways to go on a number of these fronts (the transparency in this exhange, responsible data management, best applications of analytics/technology) but the vision is sound.

(After all the research they conducted, that would-be Audi shopper would be very appreciative of free oil changes for a year, no?)

Dee Rambeau

Oh but there are loads of people willing to and wanting to live off the grid. Their theory is that none of this Internet stuff will matter much when the grid collapes...

David Meerman Scott

Great point David. Done responsibly, marketers can better tailor information which benefits consumers.

Dee - we can hunker down on Nantucket island.

Joseph Ratliff

So, to respond using this technology, are we going to have to become the technology itself? LOL.

Terminator, here we come. :)

Seriously, where does a line exist where transparency is going too far? I'm a big fan for companies having to answer to the consumer, and interact with the consumer etc...but I don't see the need for the public to know every little detail about a business (it would be quite boring in fact). But that seems to be where we're headed.

David Meerman Scott

Joseph - I think we are testing the limits and will figure out where the line should be drawn. If you've watched the privacy debates surrounding Facebook over the past year, I think that's what's playing out.

Recall that when it first came out, people thought that caller ID was violating the privacy of the CALLER. Now, there are few people who would live without it.


What a sophisticated software to do all the work. Privacy has really becoming an issue nowadays. By the way that was a great info.


I agree with a lot of the posts that are above and I agree completely with Mr. David Scott about there being some really great information.

You raise a lot of questions in my mind and I am beginning to question a lot things within technology and our media system.

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Its correct.. Real time project is difficult compared to others.. And also privacy also becoming create issues.. Thanks for sharing this detail david..

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Interesting what Eloqua does. Just heard on the radio it could be possible for your computer to monitor the degeneration of your writing and warn you of possible progressive alzheimers !

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