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October 29, 2010


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Clay Forsberg

Excellent post. I often feel this anxiety if I haven't checked my Twitter stream and the Tweets pile up. What if I'm missing something. Or worse yet, what if my followers are waiting, impatiently, for my next words of wisdom.

About a year ago I wrote a blog post called the "the Buddist." http://bit.ly/cUSIOS I reread every week on Saturday morning to put things back in perspective.

Thanks for the reality check.

Gary Ambrosino

David, this might possibly help anyone experiencing "twitteritis". This is a story about a last-century use of short format communications used in a broadcast medium. So it seems to me that twitter isn't the very first (and not the last) 140 character format system in use. Same way the beatles weren't the first (and not the last) to write a bunch of 3 chord songs. http://tinyurl.com/3y54jx5

Keith Jennings

Are there any plans for an English micro-version of this book? I'm interested! Or, perhaps, you could post a video of Yukari sharing some stories/key points from her book.

David Meerman Scott

Clay - Good words to live by in your post.

Gary - "Twitteritis" - nice one!

Keith - no plans for anything in English at the moment. But, you never know!

Rick Bradd

I know what you mean about selling marketing to other marketers... I sometime liken it to trying to sell cookbooks to chefs.

It will be great to read what sounds like a well-researched, refreshing point of view on Twitter - particularly by your wife, who must know how to cook some darned good marketing herself!

Amber Avines

With parents like you and Yukari, I can only imagine the conversations your daughter hears at the dinner table!

Interesting info about the Japanese symbols conveying more information than our letters. That must really change the whole concept of Twitter if the message says more and has greater context. I'll be sure to remember that.

Good luck to you both with the new books! I think "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" should be mandatory reading for everyone working in the industry today!

Web Design Brisbane

Awesome post!

I sometimes feel anxious if I haven't checked facebook or twitter and all of a sudden the stream is massive (or the messages / event invites). I feel like I owe it to them to be more proactive.

Rebecca Corliss

And it's a lot of fun marketing marketing software to fellow marketers. :-)

Congratulations to Yukari! It is an honor to be included in her new book.

Twitter Marketing

I agree, I feel the same way to. Whenever I could not log-on into my Twitter account, all anxiety will fill my emotion. I hate it. I always want to be updated us always with my followers.

Mayuko Yamaura

That is nice. Since I'm Japanese and I'm back in Japan right now, I'll check the book out.


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

chiropractor Sydney

People should stop stressing themselves over Twitter and start to live life.

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