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October 25, 2010


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I think this is a great idea. People would definitely feel better about themselves having the interaction right off the bat. It will be more about them than you at this point because you are interacting with them in real time.

David Meerman Scott

Absolutely. When someone is actually interacting with your site, that is the best time for salespeople to engage.

David Townsend

Great information. As we are just developing real time marketing it is great to have the people requirements for management discussions.


Nice post David. We are leveraging a real-time chat component on our site that invites visitors to optin to a live conversation should they have questions. Shortened the sales cycle trmendously

Harry Henry

David - you are correct in that companies need to move in this direction. I would argue that (what I've seen) the barrier to getting there is more about internal discipline and process than it is about tools and $$$ for infrastructure. Most don't get that and think that buying more 'stuff' solves it all.

Pablo Edwards


i am getting amped for the book. Can't wait to see that bad boy.

David Meerman Scott

Glad that these ideas are resonating.

@vkippes - let me know if you've got data that you're willing to let me share on my blog.

Harry -- yes, you are correct. The largest barrier is one of mindset.

Keith Jennings


Since (and due in large part to) your visit to Jackson Healthcare last October, we've built a real-time infrastructure and have already "made news" and forged new relationships using it.

We've literally had players in our industry wonder aloud about how our organization suddenly appeared on the map.

I write this to say that what you're preaching and teaching around real-time really works in the real world. (But you already knew that didn't you?)

Look forward to your ongoing posts, data and examples around real-time!


From the beginning of commerce, the winners focus almost obsessively on locating and resolving inefficiencies. Your excellent post describes the next level of the efficient organization. All these things are possible, today, and that is mind-blowing, truly. Cheers.


I would say that real-time chat cuts our sales cycle in half. It takes an additional 4 to 6 weeks on average to effectively drill down on customer needs by not taking advantage of real-time dialog. Most of this additional time is spent pinging each other to open up the dialog again.


This reinforces a blog post I wrote yesterday on database governance and how it is so important for marketing success.

Organizations need to visualize, structure and manage their CRM database as it serves as the hub for all sales and marketing activities.

Adding the real-time component can only perpetuate chaos if not proactively managed.

David Meerman Scott

Be3d - I like the concept of "locating inefficiencies" - that's exactly what many bond traders do to find profit!

@vkippes - Wow - cutting the sales cycle in half is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

#Dcilea - sounds like a good post. I'll look for it.

aluminium kozijnen

I agree this.. Whatever it is real time business is best compared to others.. If our website is real time means definitely will get success.. Also this is great idea to interact with a people.. Thanks for sharing this great idea.. I think that data driven real time having a lot of user friendly features.. Really excellent work sharing with us David.. Great effort..

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