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October 21, 2010


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Farida Harianawala

At first, I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended when Twitter showed me people who are 'Similar To Me' (So much for trying to build a unique online brand!) But i've particularly found the 'Who To Follow' feature very useful. It seems to do a great job of showing me people I am likely to be interested in but whom I don't already follow.

Keith Jennings

Like you, I refreshed it a couple of times and explored the list.

In every instance it was someone I was already following. It must be designed for potential "followers" to find connections and gauge us.


A lot of these folks have large followerships, as you do, with probably a lot of overlap. Seems like that'd be an obvious bit of data for Twitter to pull.

Christina Pappas

Didn't even know that was there! But have to admit, I have not tried 'the new Twitter'! You inspired me! So, mine shows competitors and co-workers. Interesting!


David, like you, I've been using this feature and have found that the suggestions made by twitter are very accurate.. I share much in common with their suggestions, whether it be business or just life..

This is a great feature and tool to utilize to make new connections and engage new contacts..



David, I didn't notice this feature until I read this post, as I almost exclusively use Hootsuite.

After reading it, I was intrigued and went to check it out, which lead to a similar experience. And, like you, I was already following all the people it was suggesting. So, I thought this was a bit of a waste of time for me.

Then today I was looking at someone else's profile on the Twitter website, and it had the "similar people."

I realized this feature seems intended to drive users back to the website (vs. a 3rd party client) to explore people to follow. So, while I might be interested in following you, I might also be interested in the users who are listed on your Twitter profile as "similar."

David Meerman Scott

Glad that you guys had similar experiences to me.

After I did the post, I checked out some people I follow and found some similar people who looked interesting and followed them. So I guess it works!

Bridgette Valentine

The people I found was similar to me were people in my pass I might had dated on conflicted with. Which is why I was surpise when I saw them. It's not like I follow them or even visit their pages. As much as I want to disagree with Twitter, I may be too similar to those people which is why are relationship/friendship didn't work out. Some of those people were very close friends as well. I don't know how Twitter does it, but it's very smart... I want to know tho...


I guess that this feature shows people who has viewed your profile and has some same words of your tweets in their tweets.Well.. just my guess.


Only today did I notice the 'similar to you' suggestions at the side of my profile, and admittedly I only had 4 similar to me... I was incredibly surprised at who was similar, expecting this feature to be really unreliable .. but so far, every review or comment of it has been positive in speaking of it's accuracy (as this one is) .. yet mine is incredibly unlikely to be accurate. Out of the 4, 1 - a girl I went to school with and know quite well, and although I doubt that we are similar, makes sense ... 2 - an australian radio programme ... 3 - a UK music/celebrity/gossip/pop culture magazine ... and 4 - a UK singer/celebrity ... other than the girl I personally know, I can't find any similarities between my amount of followers or any other aspect of my twitter account, to those I am said to be 'similar' to .. I guess the radio station, magazine and celebrity may have similarities .. but I am confused as to how my friend and I are similar to the others .. any ideas anyone?

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