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October 22, 2010


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Chris Reimer

Conan Blimp > ISS

Keith Jennings


Isn't it cool when two seemingly disparate worlds connect? I believe in our real-time world, we will begin to see more of this. Don't you?

I recently mentioned one of my favorite poet's books in a blog post (and I write a lifestyles blog) and he emailed me within within a few hours to say thanks.

We live in an amazing time!

David Meerman Scott

Yes, Keith it is cool. I'm always looking for ways to talk about space, surfing, and music. Love it when I find an opportunity!

Isn't it fun when you can tweet a photo of you with the most famous person in the world (Neil Armstrong) just moments after it was shot? And as you said, you write about someone and soon after they connect with you even though you have not met.

Yes - this is exciting. And as I love to say, these ideas are transforming marketing & PR.

Keith Jennings

The surfing one is new! In high school and college, my room walls were littered with posters of Derek Ho. That said, my attempts at surfing have been quite comical, er, embarrassing.


Interesting.... I like Foursquare myself, but I see an irony here...Commander Wheelock won't become Mayor of outerspace, unless he returns a couple of more times... :-)

Renato Sa

"...first human to step foot on another planet". What planet? :)

David Meerman Scott

Renato -- the moon is a planetary body.

Stacie Chalmers

I guess without NASA Foursquare wouldn't be possible. My 7yr son plans to be an astronaut (as most do) I wonder how he'll be using Social media in another 20 or so years from space? These are amazing times to be alive!

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