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September 15, 2010


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Tara Diversi

Yey! So stoked you guys are reading this yourselves. From an audiobook lover, it makes a massive difference! Can't wait to listen to it!

David Meerman Scott

Hey Tara - Glad that our reading it makes it more interesting for you. Thanks for stopping by.


Hi David,

wow! Thanks so much for the letting us have a taste of what you do! I'm looking forward to that E-book :)


Great little vid, this is the type of thing that would go on the DVD extras, haha. Audio editing is labor intensive! I've heard mixed reviews on whether people can listen to audio books in their car, some folks say they can't concentrate.

I'm reading the book now and enjoying it, will have a review up soon. Thanks for your insights. I never would've pegged you guys for Deadheads! I would've been but was a bit late and had to settle for Phish. :)

David Meerman Scott

thaks Valerie

Justin - The entire audiobook process took much longer than we had thought. Brian is into Phish too.

Ron Samuelson

Looks like fun! Nice guitars in that studio...


All I can say is You Guys Rock!. Is there a tour in your future?
Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Just wonder where the tie-dye shirts are?



Thank you for writing such an incredible book. I coincidentally bought Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead and the New Rules of Marketing and PR, not knowing both books were authored by you.

Just amazing how a bunch of "stoners" were ahead of the curve in so many ways. Looks like they are finally getting credit they deserve. Excellent concept for a book.

If I can tie a concept from both books, Dick's Picks was a response to make sure that the best content was easily spread, similar to having a "Editor's Choice" or "Most Popular" list on a blog so readers can find the best content right away. I've incorporated many of your concepts into my blog.


David Meerman Scott

Thanks all. It was definitely a fun project.

Gregg -- good luck implementing the ideas!

Bob Barnwell

Been waiting for this one! I'm so glad it's finally here!!!


This is great stuff and I'm enjoying it. That said, us aging punks need marketing lessons from the Ramones or Sex Pistols. Maybe I'll start that one...

David Meerman Scott

Rsomers - that would be a fun book. I'm a punk fan too. The Ramones played my high school in May 1976!

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